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Account still suspended after payment

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Credit card expired, PM account got suspended. Updated CC info and topped up account, but it’s still suspended. How do I fix this?


Mayor / Maire


get to Shell gas station and buy a payment voucher..then dial 611 to add it to your account.

Request assistance from CSA to amend your cc info on your account file.


added link;

Mayor / Maire

@fredjollimore20  You successfully updated the credit card on My Acocunt?


Wait 60 mins first, then try using Incognito mode to make a payment ONCE.

If it still fail after you tried once (not more), try using *611 and make a payment using the 4 digits PIN if you remember


If still unable to pay, you can get a voucher from SDM/711/Shell and load the voucher using *611 first .


Or you can open ticket with PM support and have them to try process a payment for you