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Account disabled but still being charged monthly

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a recurring charge on my credit card and the plan has not been active since November 2021. I cannot login my account because it no longer exists. Please let me know how I can be refunded the payments since November 2021 and stop my credit card from being charged. 


Mayor / Maire

@pksmalls  - do you have any other accounts that could be connected to this credit card?

If not, you could issue a chargeback on whatever transactions from Public Mobile with your card holder.


But, I would also submit a ticket to CSA, asap, to let them know this, and have them remove any card of yours from their system, if it is not used for any current Public Mobile accounts.


Contact Public Mobile Representatives (CSA) by submitting a message(ticket) to them here: 

Private Message to Public Mobile Customer Support Agents (CSA)


Mayor / Maire

A CSA may be able to track this down and process a refund, if that isn't the case, the aforementioned chargeback option may be your only means for recovery 


@pksmalls some additional details what do you mean not active? What steps did you take to disable the pm service? Did you port out? Did you disable autopay  and let account expire? Etc


Have you tried all your possible emails when logging in? Try the reset password with all your email address.


If one of them takes you to the next step you still have an active account.