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Access to Mods

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

its near imposible to contact Mods for issues ..can't public Mobile schedual Moderators to make sure at least 1-2 are on at all times ...seeing that you dont have a call centre 


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

and how do you know about this so called FIFO system ??  waiting 4 days is just rediculious that is totally not acceptable for a paid service ..i've contacted the CEO directly on his personal email about this issue of not being able to get a reply from  moderators ..dont know if it'll work but give it a try ..



Btw i got my services up and running with in 24 hours 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

How did you get his email?

@Poogzley wrote:

Does anyone know what is the current wait time? I sent in a request 4 days ago and still have not heard back...


Since your asking, it has been hinted that the new "ticketing" system that is currently in development may be able to do that, but nothing is in place now. PM users have suggested, "Approxmate wait time is?", "Currently serving #*400 of *500", or even "Our last client served waited ## hours..."


All of these are steps in the right direction. Maybe someone out there has more knowledge of any confirmed features either now or in the future.  




Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

i've contacted the CEO of public mobile David Maclean and this is what hes sent to me about the frustation of getting intouch with a Moderator 


David MacLean

Thu, Aug 15, 1:29 PM (1 day ago)


to me

Thanks for the feedback.


What exactly was the issue you experienced?


What top up amount would have addressed you needs? 


We are making some big strides in the next week in regards to customer support including moderators.  We won’t stop there either as we have a whole roadmap to continue to improve this.


with a couple of emails back and forth ..i've addressed some issues i was having , he has assured me that public mobile is working on fixing the problems ..and on improving the service for customers 




@vincep I would like to be optimistic,guess we will seeSmiley Happy