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9.66$/month, ideal for lite users such as kids, parents, etc. plz see calculation + $25 Referral cre

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Public Mobile prepaid Advantages
1) Cheap and value for money
2) Reliable coverage and service ( same as Telus, koodo, Bell, Virgin, since it uses same tower)
3) Flexibility to switch back and forth between plans, so if going on vacation can still keep the number (I guess 90 days the line will be active)
4) US and Intrl calling (via addon)
5) US Roaming addon for cheap , the advantage is you pay in advance and won't have to worry about a bill later
6) Data Addon and call addon carried over until it ends, no time limits
7) Flexibility to switch to a 5GB plan and back to 1GB plan or 8$ plan each month depending on the usage needs.

Current hot promo Edited, added 25$ credit to the below calculation Limited time offer Feb 14 - March 18 2019 Valid on online only activation
1) $25 Referral credit for both parties until Mar 18
Link to the Deal https://productioncommunity.publicmobil ... m-p/326380

2) Cheap US Roaming
What you need is a temp line for US roaming. with the March Break coming up next week.

Get unlimited calling to Cda and US, unlimited texting, and 250MB of data while in the US of A, all for $20 +tax CAD, good for 10 days which should cover most March Break vacations.
1 - Get a PM SIM ($10)
2 - Get a referral number
3 - create a new activation at home and sign up for this $10 plan. You will get a $25 credit applied to you account.
4 - Just before you leave Canada for Disney World, add the 10-day US Roaming add-on package for $20 (paid by the credit) that gives you calling/texting and some data while in the US
5 - Optional - if your current plan has call forwarding, you could call-fwd your current line to your new PM number, or port in.
The $25 referral credit goes until Mar18.

3) Other plans with more data includes
a) 23$ for 1Gb and unlimited text and talk (Special Offer!) ... MB-3Gspeed
b) 38$ for 5GB and unlimited text and talk

more details here.

$9.66/month Calculation
This is an existing deal but I am just showing my calculations

Public Mobile 10$ Plan
50 MINUTES Canada-wide Talk
UNLIMITED Incoming Text
50 TEXTS Outgoing International Text
VOICEMAIL⁹ & Call Display

1GB Data addon for 30$
Which never expire until you use up 1gb data

400 International Long Distance minutes Addon cost 15$
Which will never expire until you use up the minutes
Included countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.

If you combine all 3, along with Autopay 2$ discount and 25$ referral credit here is my calculation.
8*12 + 15 + 30 -25 = 116 /12 = 9.66+ tax

if we divide the data 1024mb /12months = 85mb and 400min/12 months = 33 mins
What we get to use each month on an average for 9.66$ is as follows
50 mins talktime
50 text
85mb data avg
33 International minutes.

For incoming calls which could be long always forward to a forwarding won't use up minutes in public mobile like other providers. Tried and confirmed.
From our experience call forwarding does not count towards Public Mobile minutes, what we do is use the conditional call forwarding, the link below and works for most phones ... ng-iphone/

The reason for this post is because, this worked out for my family member who needed to some data , some international minutes ( or US calls or for emergency etc) + some talk-time and few text,...only ideal for very light users. who need all these.
Attaching 1 month usage of our profile to make my point....

To add to this, someone might have questions about going forward from second year what could be the bill. here is the breakdown,.

over the years you may end up getting few referrals and the price should be even less then....also account in the loyalty credit of 1$ every year.... considering all that, the possibility is your bill could be even lesser than 9.66 from next year onward..

For example 12$ loyalty credit the second year, you have to do nothing to get this.... just be with them for 1 year and you get 1$ off every month... now over the years you might end up referring someone, lets consider you only referred 1 person.
8 ( base plan) X12 +15(talk addon) +30(data addon) - 12 (loyalty) -12( 1 referral) = 9.75 by aniadoor1 


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Of course PM "is not exam" - it is a mobile service provider; I would suggest you should spend more time studying so that you will actually do well at real exams.


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@texwood Thansk I know what is plagiarism. The reason  i choose Publicmobile is because of this rfd post.the reason to post the same is to aware other users this is not exam. i am not stilling any info and making money here.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@fen First, your post is a straight copy-and-paste from RFD, from another person, without attribution or link back to the original article. That's plagiarism.


Second, that $9.66 figure is highly misleading.  Lots of "if I use less than x amount" to come up with that calculation.  85MB a month?  I'll use up that amount in less than one hour.  You mind as well says I can use Textme at McD's wifi and pay $0.

Third, RFD bans referral requests.  If you are starting out with nothing, knows no one that uses PM in the first place, I'm sorry to but say you're not getting referrals.



@fen some of your information here are not good...

@NDesai wrote:

You could've just linked this to the same thread on RFD. 


>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.


You could've just linked this to the same thread on RFD. 

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