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611 IVR Menu System

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611 IVR Menu System

I thought I'd put this together. Searching 611 through 5 pages didn't get something like the voicemail graphics here nor detailed information. Which is kinda surprising but of course maybe I didn't search hard enough. 🙂


Vouchers can be purchased online from, (may be sold out when you try) and (looks like Instant Top-up but it's not). appears to be instant top-up too but you actually get a voucher. Apparently also via their app. Expensive fees for several of these options. Some may need some prodding to send the right one as I got one with Telus instructions and it didn't work here. But one of them did send a proper one after prodding. xoom does not sell Public Mobile vouchers nor do Instant Top-up even though it looks like it.


The IVR can also be reached by calling 1-855-4PUBLIC (782542) from another phone or with an active service - it will ask for your 10 digit phone number.

611 works with T-Mobile. The toll free works with both. Reachable from the US without add-ons. Manually connecting to either roaming partner may be needed.


* usually returns to main menu (not always). # usually repeats (not always)

A big gotcha at the bottom to look out for.


PM 611 IVR.png


Active service:

Upon entering you'll get the following recording.

Payment due date (time if autopay)
It goes on with your Available Funds balance

For the chart:

Choosing Voucher will ask you to enter the 12 digit voucher/PIN #.


Gives a recording of your balance which is just the same as up top.


The following options will need your 4 digit PIN.


Credit Card (from Make Payments):

If you have enough funds in your Available Funds then it will say 1 for manual choices after selecting credit card.

Choosing Amount Due will then take the amount that you need to pay to renew.


For buying add-ons, after selecting, press 1 to conclude.

X* Seems buying an international long distance add-on is disabled. And there never was the Canada-only one.


Gives a recording of your different usages in any add-ons. Not really accurate to all the add-ons. Possibly total data of add-ons and plan data.
Then invites you to press 1 to go buy add-ons which goes to the add-on section


It will say Change if already setup
It goes ahead and sets it without confirmation. If already set then it turns it off. So it's like a toggle.

Removing offers no confirmation


Suspended service:

Tells you the service is suspended and goes straight to Make Payments.


It then invites you to go back to the main menu. Press * to do so.