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$5 RAF is there!!

Mayor / Maire

HI All  


The $5 is now there  




@CountyDownIeUk   @Mindy208 



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@CountyDownIeUk  Yes, I'll definitely need to contact CSA about this issue.


Thank you for posting the screenshots. They are super helpful in this case because it's clear and undeniable evidence.



I would suggest you take it up with a CSA. 

Start the process here.


I can tell you that I received 2 emails from with my referral code to me and then another that can be interpreted  that any code could be used. A number of requests confirming if any code could be used went upon deaf ears!! Some here said yes. I would suggest you use this pic, once the CSA responds. See pic.


RAF $25 good before Sep 2 2022 withOUT code copy.jpg








Great Citizen / Super Citoyen



@CountyDownIeUk  I'm in a similar situation.


I activated an account on September 1st using a friend's referral code, but they were under the impression that all three (3) of their existing accounts were eligible for the $25 RAF bonus offer, so they gave me a referral code that wasn't specified in the email from PM.


In My Account > Payment History, I see the usual $10 Reward RAF Bill Credit on September 3rd, indicating that I used a referral code successfully, but nothing since then.


I signed up with PM to take advantage of the $25 RAF Bonus offer. If I had known that only certain accounts were eligible for the offer, then I would have been adamant about using the referral code that was specified in the email from PM. Or maybe I should have activated with Lucky Mobile instead because they have a $50 RAF Bonus promotion right now.


I'm not sure what else I can do aside from wait and hope that things sort themselves out. I wish I didn't have to contact customer support just to sort this mess out. If PM had been more explicit and clear about eligibility, then there wouldn't be so much confusion about it after the fact.


@Mindy208  Did you receive the $5 RAF credit yet?


@hTideGnow  The credit is listed as "RAF August $5" on September 9th in your screenshot, so perhaps users who activated in September would only see their first credit some time in October, as it would be listed as "RAF September $5", who knows?



Well you are still ahead. ☹️

But it was very clear to use the referral code only once. 


What is as clear to me as mud......I used a different referral than what was in the email from PM......and don’t know if it was eligible**.....nor do I see the RAF $5. PM is very poor in the process. 

I will wait a bit and ask “what if” the person that used my code suspended his account?


** But I do have a second email that says it should be. 

@CountyDownIeUk  I used the same refferal code 3 times.  If I would have known that I would have given out different codes from other accounts I have 

@CountyDownIeUk- One of the oracles had stated that all subsequent referrals will get the $5. But the referrer will only get one for the first one.



Are you sure? 

“But all 3 of your friends you referred will get the $5 x 5 as well”



Did you use the referral code 3 times. Or did you use 3 different referral codes?

Do you see at least 1 $5 RAF credit?

Mayor / Maire

🥴🥴I don’t have. 


This showed up in payments on your My Account?

Were you texted as well?

Did you use a referral code? Or did some one use your referral code?


If you gave your referral code.....was it the referral code in the email from PM advising you of the promo or a different one?

@hTideGnow  I did not know that.  Thanks for the info! 

Sorry @GR   everyone is entitle to just one of this $5 x 5 months special bonus for referring.  So, you will only get one $5 x 5. 


But all 3 of your friends you referred will get the $5 x 5 as well


It said in the fine print

Customers must use their unique referral code. Limited to one credit per customer. Offer ends September 2, 2022 11:59PM EST, referred customer must activate by that time.

Mayor / Maire

I reffered 3 people and I only got one 5$ Raf,  I'll wait and see if I'll get the 15$ this weekend