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$40 30GB 5G Plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I stopped my subscription with PM sometime in late July and signed up with Koodo with a new number. I am seeking to port my new number that I got from Koodo with my existing account and get the $40 30GB 5G Plan. Is this possible?

Thanks and let me know.


Mayor / Maire

@ciputrapare  You would need to create a whole new account with a different email then before as the 30GB for $40 is just new activations only . Once you do that you can port your Koodo number into that new account with temporary number from PM on the 30GB for $40 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@ciputrapare   when I look at the plans it says the $40 30GB is for new activations only.  So if you have rewards/points on your existing PM account you would lose those if you start a new one for that plan.

Mayor / Maire

FYI. Depending on if you prefer 30GB vs 20GB... this plan is pretty sweet and only $34 a month if you pay 90 days at a time.



Hi @ciputrapare 

If you don't see the offer available through your old account, sign up for a new account using a different email address and password. Then sign up like you're new. Once again, you'll get a temporary number. Just follow my previous message. To be on the safe side, go into your browser settings and clear the cache, history and cookies. The close and restart the browser and go from there.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @ciputrapare This is how. First, sign up with an account with Public Mobile. Choose the plan you want and proceed with payment. You will get a temporary number. This is how to port over your Koodo number. Just make sure your Koodo is STILL active. If it's not, you can't port.

How to port number from “Blank” to Public Mobile

Log in to your Public Mobile account 


Then on your right side you’ll see this box. Click on Transfer Phone Number.


Then enter the number you want transfer and continue to next step


NOTE: Keep your old providers SIM card inside the phone until you get the confirmation text. Say YES. But wait just a bit longer until you no longer see your old provider's name up top. Once it’s gone, try making a call to test. If you can not make a call using your old providers SIM, the transfer has gone through.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Yes I can log into my PM account, but the $40 30GB 5g Plan is not available for selection. I only see the $45 40gb 5g plan. Please advise on how I can change it.

Mayor / Maire

@ciputrapare yes you can

  Can you still login PM My Account? login and go to Profile and click Transfer Phone number.  Enter Koodo account number and the phone number to transfer 

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