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$25 referral bonus by Sept 2nd

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hope all of you are well!. Haven't been on in quite some time and no time to search threads.


For the $25 referral email ($5 per month for 5 months).. How long for it to start?.. Referred someone August 29th... Payment renewal was Sept 4th.. no $5 credit..


So next renewal I assume or contact support?


Thanks guys.  (Darlicous hope you're well!)




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@dabr Thanks for the help. Glad you're well and been enjoying Summer/Fall.  @softech  thanks for your response as well. Have a great day guys!

Hi @BeachNBeer   I'm all good thanks and hopefully you've also been well or having a relaxing drink (or two) at the beech?  😁


I just looked at email I received from PM regarding this promo (unfortunately, couldn't take advantage of it though 😞) and it mentions that the credit will be applied during the first week of Sept., so technically tomorrow is the end of the first week and you should see something.  Otherwise, I'm sure you know who you gotta call (contact)... 😁

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@dabr How you been? Hope well!.... In the past the last time PM sent an email (refer someone by so and so date and get $5 credit per month for X months) the system would apply the $5 at renewal time along with the all additional rewards (loyalty, autopay, etc). 

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@BeachNBeerI don't see it myself too.

hopefully we will see it as a credit this week..

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@BeachNBeer   I think you should see that credit by the end of the week as it was supposed to be added to the account during the first week of Sept.