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15GB for $40 promo

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Does this plan expire at some point, or is it a permanent plan on your account if you change your plan to it?



Mayor / Maire


Both the $40/15gb and $45/20gb plans are "permanent" unless pm chooses to raise the price with 30 days notice which they can and cannot do as it's a little ambigious but traditionally pm does not increase prices.....especially not on the higher priced data plans that they are actively trying to migrate existing customers to along with attracting new customers.

Mayor / Maire

@mmaclan1   Like other plan, this is a "permanent" plan.  Once you are in, your price is locked.  However, just like other plans, PM has the right to increase the price , or change features on the plan, with 30 days notice.


But , we didn't see too many price hike for old plans with PM.  So, technically, you are safe

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@mmaclan1 It's permanent until you change your plans.