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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: lost phone

@darlicious wrote:

Soni as

@cellphoneuser1  If? She didn't have to answer the phone nor did she have to show up with it. Maybe you just don't get it or have compassion or empathy for those less fortunate than yourself. This is canadas poorest neighbourhood.....a month before I had my purse stolen in one of Canada's richest neighbourhoods and it's been a nightmare of identity theft but the actual value of what I lost is less and the return of my ID would have warranted a better reward that what the thief actually stole. But thats fine we can agree to disagree we obviously look at world with a very different perspective.

She did do the right thing in the end and that part should be commended. My only point is how she knowingly used 500MB.  If you didn't call, she might have kept using it.  She didn't have to return the phone, so that's the good part of the story that she did. Anyone gets tempted if they find something, but she took steps to use it when she knew it wasn't hers to use. That part isn't honest and I only mean to say the part of you must not have trusted her or you would not have reported the phone as lost.