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Re: Why have we been targeted by Kudo to switch

@lheintzman wrote:



As a seasoned PMer, you're surely familiar with all the 3G (throttled) vs LTE discussions. My experience tends to put me in the no-significant-difference camp, with some exceptions,which would be unlikely on a bus. Have noticed that when running Google Maps through Android Auto, on the phone without a car head unit, Tune-In Radio can develop a buffering problem and suddenly stop - - and incoming calls can get routed through the phone's speaker rather than the car's Bluetooth. Of course, that's a heavy load and this could also be a memory issue, not necessarily related to data speed. Rebooting usually fixes things, but it never happened with 4G LTE. 


Somtimes the question is less about speed and more about getting things done at all, and on that score, everybody has their own requirements. 


The Tab is an interesting part of the Koodo promo. Still, the monthly savings with PM could go a long way toward buying a mid-tier phone outright, for those looking for a new device. Very much enjoyed my time with Koodo but sofar PM is working out too well to make this offer compelling. 



Good points to consider, from real life experiences.  Thanks for sharing that.


I'm not targetted on this migration - I'm a Full LTE customer here.  As I no longer drive a vehicle on a regular basis, those issues you've brought up don't directly affect me, so I'm more inclined to accept the 3G speeds as usable for me, on the device I currently own, and I'm not in the market for anything new at this time.


Every subscriber is different - I'm not sure what my choice will be closer to the renewal date.

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Re: Why have we been targeted by Kudo to switch

@boopvanner wrote:


I'm not going anywhere we have that plan here

@boopvanner you're more than welcome to stay.  PM isn't going away, so just continue to enjoy it as you do.  This is just an offer you could choose to take if you like, for the reasons that have already been listed, such as access to a tab for phone purchases, full speed data (which you can  get at PM too, though many people have the throttled "3G"-speed data plans), international roaming, VoLTE* and VoWiFI*, Visual Voicemail**, and presumably Koodo will get RCS before PM ever does.  


* VoLTE and VoWiFi only supported on some phone models, and generally (other than qualified unlocked iPhones purchased directly from Apple) only when the phone was originally sold through Koodo.  (i.e not on a compatbile model that you bought direct from a manufacturer other than Apple or from another provider and got unlocked).


** for an additional monthly cost, as an optional add-on.  Officially only for iPhones, but works on many newer Android models too (like my OnePlus 5T, any Google Pixel, Essential phones, probably many others)

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Re: Why have we been targeted by Kudo to switch

Promo code doesnt work

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Re: Why have we been targeted by Kudo to switch

@rh66 wrote:

Promo code doesnt work

If the migration has failed online, you can always complete it at a Koodo retailer. Just show staff the text with the code and they can set it up. The offer is good till Mar 31