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Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

Tag or private message a moderator, they will take care of your issue. To say it's a scam is out of line.


Please take a look into this: @Saray_O @Mary_M


Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

HI all: port-in failure >> inaccurate data provided to new carrier OR old provider account is inactive.


Problem described suggests the account was suspended. Payments must equal plan cost, unless a new one is chosen. Suspect that as funds are added they immediately get taken to pay the current plan, so balance remains at zero. 


A moderator will sort it it due course. 🙏


@nawabbawre: to speed up response send a private message to any moderator with your phone number and a description of what has happened. Turn on email notification of private message.

Retraité / Retired

Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

Hello @nawabbawre


I'm truly sorry to hear about your ordeal, 


Can you please follow @Luddite suggestion and send me a detailed PM so that I can help you out?





* Please do not post private info such as: phone number, account number, pin etc.. This is a public forum.
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Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

I dont think the person who wrote this post intended to mean that in fact PM is a scam company. I think they were just frustrated with the situation at the time. I'm sure their is a logical explanation for all of this as I've been a long time customer with PM and have had minimal issues. Sometimes they respond to emails fairly quickly and other times it takes longer but rest assured they will resolve your issue if you just have patience and wait as hard as that is. let's not think irrational based on the situation and just take a few slow breaths and wait patiently until they respond before you make decisions
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Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

Did they fix you issue bro?

Re: Scam business by Public Mobile?

@Morris88, this thread is 29 months old.  It either got resolved, or the OP left Public Mobile.


Please note, this time period was during a really horrid month long prom that got extend for months.  Great deal (I'm still on the plan) but I signed up very early before the plan was available, so I had no activation issues.


These activation issues continue to this day.  Sadly, Telus doesn't invest in Public Mobile to fix things quickly Smiley Sad