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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Re-activation problems

@pm-smayer97 wrote:

@CalgaryBen wrote:

There was no AutoPay Reward (and I didn't expect one, of course). 

As for the AutoPay issue, I would disagree... what if you mark your phone lost/stolen for just a day or two? why should a user lose the AutoPay reward if they are still signed up? 


No this is a glitch, plain and simple, IMHO, just like the rest of the Lost/Stolen / Re-activation features.


Again, hope PM finds and fixes all these related problems.

As far as the AutoPay Reward... I agree -- if you do the suspend/resume while still inside of the current cycle (e.g. 30-day), then the AutoPay and Reward should continue to happen as if you never suspended.  I haven't tested/validated this use case yet, and assumed it does work as expected?  That's not what you've observed?


In my case, I suspended an account and then the plan expired.  After expiry, I then resumed it (upon recovering the lost phone).  I didn't feel entitled to the $2 Reward when I manually added funds and resumed service (although I wouldn't have declined it, either!!).  Since the system said I was (still) registered for AutoPay, I didn't think anything further of it, but then noticed AutoPay kicked in 30 days later, but the AutoPay Reward disappeared despite what the portal/Overview suggested.  These Rewards, I did feel entitled to get back -- and did via Mods, of course.


You have a point, though... I think (but may be corrected) the same principle applies to new sign-ups... while activating your new SIM, you choose your plan (e.g. $10/30 day), add your credit card, and get charged the full $10+tax.  You'll then find a $2 AutoPay Reward added to your account right then, and then ~30 days later when its time to renew, you'll see another $2 AutoPay Reward, and ultimately be charged $6 on your first renewal.

So I guess I could bug the Mods for another $2.  But I'll just call it a spilled coffee and be done. Smiley Wink  So many things broken and need fixing... what is the avenue for reporting these?  There's a ticketing system supposedly in the works... hopefully that will serve the need.  There used to be a "Public Lab" with a virtual feedback/suggestion box, but that's gone...

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Re-activation problems

Wow, I have been struggling to re-activate my account for 2 days!!!

Who would have guessed the re-activate button does not work.

Thank god someone put the details but why Public Mobile doesn't fix the button.

Thanks for the instruction.