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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Hmmm, I cannot comment on the ongoing issues but I signed up with 3 new accounts Nov 23 2018 and the process was super simple. I signed up for 2x $40 4.5GB+ bonus and one $25 basic for my son.


Everything was smooth as silk and the ports completed in under 1 hour. A couple of days later all the referral credits and bonus dollars were in all 3 accounts. The autopay went smooth as silk and when I had a few questions the members of the community were quick to answer.


So I can only talk as a relatively new client but I was very satisfied with the process, in fact so much so that I will be signing up a few of my relatives this weekend.


So its not all doom and gloom, new activations are working very well and I for one am very glad the promotions are available.


Just an observation from a relatively new client. Smiley Happy

Mayor / Maire

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Really glad to hear you had an easy transition to Public Mobile. When you're talking to those relatives, just make sure to let them know that there is no call center help line. If they run into a glitch, there could be a few days delay before anyone of the moderators are able to respond. Although the customer community is rich in useful information and always willing to be initial assistance. I'm like you...real happy with our PM account, but I can see how some folks get peed off if they can't get immediate customer support from a traditional call center. Welcome to PM.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Thank you so much for the welcome. I am aware of the no frills forum support and since I will be the person setting up the accounts for relatives it should be no issue. We all use our phones for leisure and a couple days delay wont harm anything.


I do use mine for business but I have many ways of redirecting my business calls.


I'm just happy to not worry about overages and I'm happy to pay for only what I use. I don't know why I have been paying for two 10gb plans when we have never exceeded two gigs.


The 4.5gig with 500mb bonus for $40 was a deal too good to pass up and to be quite honest the LTE network seems to do the job for me. I have not noticed any difference when I surf on my phone.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

My sim card has beed deactivated for few days and I can't figure out where to report this issue. please help me reactivate my sim card. It is so frustrating to miss important calls. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@Tashi wrote:

My sim card has beed deactivated for few days and I can't figure out where to report this issue. please help me reactivate my sim card. It is so frustrating to miss important calls. 

Login yout self-serve account.

Is you account status active?

If no, did you missed a payment?

Can you call out/receive call, send/receive text?

Is your data working?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@mimmo wrote:

@irisou  sorry to hear about your troubles.  7 days seems a bit past the norm.



I can you tell this IS the norm, and longer....

I signed up in May that this has been my experience every since. It would not be so bad if at least the issues were resolved the firs ttime. But alas, that is NOT the case. I have been going back and forth for weeks and weeks and weeks trying to resolve numerous problems (compounded by the fact that I am now 6 plans deep with PM). It takes them so long to resolve issues that new ones come along before the firsts ones are resolved. 


I am still working on getting at least 3 major issues resolved since Sep 2018! And these are NOT difficult issues. It is just that follow through and follow up is VERY poor!


Still hoping I can bring closure to these soon!


Had I known how bad it was, I may never have started with PM. Definitely NOT the within 2-4 hours they originally advertised, which then changed to within 24 hrs, then 48 hours for turnaround. :-(

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

@z10user4 wrote:

@DWood wrote:

I read somewhere on this confusing site that when you downgrade a mod has to do it. I tried more than six times, reading and re reading the instructions on changing a plan. Whatever though, I’m only keeping the number active until I port over the Koodo in the next few days, ordered a MORE expensive plan than I have here, on a postpaid plan, with an IPhone at no upfront cost. Public Won’t be seeing another 72$ Payment from me again, moderator help or not. I’m fine with changing my phone number, and paying a lot more for it to get away from this crud for good. 

Maybe it becomes crud if one doesn't top up their account for renewal.

This is a low budget, hands on, pre-paid cell service. The ones here are happy to be paying less.

But admitted, I might move to Koodo for that $15 base plan and pick up those add-ons that rollover like here.

It has been a HIGH price to pay for LOW budget...


I keep hoping on hope that I can get past my outstanding issues that I can benefit from the "low" cost!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Hello dear friends who are NOT bOTs. I have been trying for over a week...leaving 10 messages to the beloved... yet unattainable... moderator_team... following Simon... the BoT ... who directed me to the Community Site... TO NO APPARENT AVAIL... to get some ASSISTANCE to TRANSFER my Koodo number... fORMALy my PC number UNTIL KOODO recently took over PC ... which by the way was PROVIDING MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE than the SISTER  companies of Koodo... hiding under the guise of TELUS... AND its sister- partner- sibling- relative- associate PUBLIC MOBILE (PM)

I have followed Simon's, the equally beloved BoT's... information thread about how to transfer my koodo phone which I've had for say...20 YEARS...


As a person interested in saving money and at the same time looking for a responsive customer service provider, I'm wondering if it is your organization.... DeAr TeLus...

Wondering if more reasonably priced service plans EQUALS  Less PEOPLE ÷ more BoTs ... as in, not enough MODERATOR_TEAM... members to fulfill the much Needed, non-BoT_UnABlE members of your WEIRD and WACKY idea of ADEQUATE service PROVISION! 🤔🤔🤔😅😊

At this point, I'VE ATTACHED MYSELF TO YOU... dear telus... AND, at the same time,  I have NOT been able to DETACH myself from YOUR SISTER company koodo!


Seriously, please provide SOME SORT of RESPONSIVE assistance, in a timely fashion. 

Why Should I pay both SIBLINGS and, at the same time,  have to do the fantastically tricky part of extracting the TINIEST PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY... the beloved SIM CARD... in order to use 1 phone for calls... that being my current and DESIRED SIM card number... THEN  have to pop out the TINIEST, perhaps most frustrating aspect of my SMART phone... the SIM card... to use the BELOVED extra data, NOT provided by the SISTER organization UNLESS I want to PAY $20 more÷LESS🤔🤔, BUT provided by PM on a separate SIM card with the PHONE NUMBER I DO NOT want? 

Here's HOPING I haven't WASTED another DAY asking for ADEQUATE... IF that's all you strive for... CUSTOMER CARE. 

Thanks for  your ATTENTION...🤔🤔😊

SIGNED: a wanna BE saTIsFied CUSTOmer to ONLY 1 SiBLiNG in a FUNcTiOnal FAMilY

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus

Good morning, fellow MOD SQUAD groupies! 

Here we all are... awaiting the latest and greatest telecom concert...

The long awaited arrival of the newest group on the concert tour... THE MODERATOR_TEAM more commonly called the MOD squad... probably mostly by me @CatCanyon

I'm signed up... I've got 12 tickets... awaiting the appearance of a performer from.... THE TWISTED SISTER organization of....PM and KOODO under the grand auspices of the mothership ... WAIT for the drum roll...TELUS.

ALAS, the mothership has not invested enough money for PM to operate efficiently. PM has great intentions for community involvement, in fact, is fun to subscribe to and participate in... HOWEVER, @CatCanyon... while having fun... would also like to be fully at the telecom concert... as in being able to put the PM SIM card into @CatCanyon's SIM CARD phone slot... which currently has the older SIBLING'S KOODO'S SIM CARD because the mothership is apparently having difficulties in the FAMILY DYNAMICS... it appears that dear Telus MOTHERship can't decide which is the favoured sibling... thus keeping them TWISTED and insecure as to what direction each should take...🤔 Koodo.... more expensive data plans, humans who provide customer support🤔 PM...🤔 ... less expensive data plans, community of helpful folks trying to pass along useful information about their experiences with MODS and BOTS 🤔 their experiences and learnings about patience for a beloved NON-BOT moderator_team ... perhaps CERTIFIED PERSON to appear and actually PRoVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE...

As for @CatCanyon... I claim 12 tickets, no response from BOT-MOD-PM- SIBLING KOODO-MOthERSHIp TEluS, and i've missed the kick off concert by 10 days. 😑🤔😏

12 tickets= if there's a concert on the horizon @CatCanyon will invite friends to engage in the telecom concert ONLY IF ...PM/Telus DECIDES TO PROVIDE... even adequate... CUSTOMER SERVICE

Looking forward to actually getting to use 1 ticket and see what the MOD_TEAM has to offer. 

Thanks for the community (as in people) folks attention... hope the MOD-BOT-MOD_TEAM- TWISTED SISTERS- mothershipTelUS team are providing seats...

Reportedly... it's a great telecom concert

SIGNED: WANNA HAVE my KOODO number signed to my PURCHASED, ACTIVATED PM SIM card in @catcanyon's SIM CARD slot... currently occupied by her SIBLING...a prepaid Koodo SIM card 😉🤔😑🙄😏

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Open letter to Public Mobile, Telus- New user

I just switched over from Freedom Mobile and am not receiving incoming calls yet. Do you mind to let me know how to contact moderator and open a ticket to solve the issue?