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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Number is not active


I switched to Public Mobile a few weeks ago. No problems the first 2 weeks. But now, it is impossible for me to contact other people, and i dont receive their calls neither. Which is a bit annoying as i am currently applying to jobs.. 

I have the basic one: 50 minutes and unlimited texts. And i'm sure i did not use them all, as i almost do not use my phone. Thanks for your help. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Number is not active

Hello @MattRcd 

Go in your self serve account and in your usage history to see if you still have's not illimited texts but 50 outgoing texts and illimited incoming texts..


Re: Number is not active

@MattRcd, based on your description of the problem, it does look like you have run out of usage.  Please login to your self serve account to check.  You should be able to see the remaining usage in the overview tab, plans and add-on section.  If blank, then there is no remaining usage. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Number is not active

Thanks for your help.

I was running out of minutes, so I added minutes to be able to call again. Even though, i dont really understand why it happened, as the calls and texts listed as my history are not accurate (I double checked on my phone). Weird but I guess this is how it works with telecom companies. 

Have a good day all

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Number is not active

@MattRcd If you think the calls and texts from you history are not accurate ,you can sent PM to mod and explain to them!

Re: Number is not active

@MattRcd  partial minutes are rounded up to the next full minute.  This is probably why your phone doesn't match the listing in the My Account area.