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Re: Nervous about no # to call

Call centres are great if you need immediate assistance, but they come at a cost. Customers will often end up paying higher plan prices for this service. Also, the more employees that a company has, the more of a tendency in drop-off of the quality of services provided.


Personally, I hate calling customer service of any company.  In my opinion, calling in causes the risk of things further upsetitng you when/if something goes wrong or if customer service can't immediate fix an issue.


Rember that having a call centre does not equate good customer service. Freedom Mobile is a great example of that.  For anything other than a basic question, the answer is almost always "back office will call you back in 3 to 5 business days".  With Freedom, it's to the point that they almost might as well not even have one.

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Re: Nervous about no # to call

Hey - you have already done the hard part with using an online support system.   You already have a Community account and know how to post. The rest is simple.

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Re: Nervous about no # to call

Hi @cowboydave,


I left PM because there are no call centres. I much prefer to talk to a live person. Every person has their own opinion on this. This is just mine. There are lots of people who enjoy PM and do not miss having a call centre.