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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

How difficult would it

be to switch phones with PM? I have an iPhone 5S currently but what if I upgrade in the next few months? What’s the process for switching and remaining a PM customer with my current number.

Mayor / Maire

Re: How difficult would it

@jrboodoosinghJust pop out the SIM card from your existing phone and put it into your new phone.. Your phone and data service should carry over seamlessly assuming the phone is unlocked and is compatible with the Telus network. Software or data wise will be another can of worms and beyond the scope of this forum, however it should be relatively seamless these days.


Re: How difficult would it

@jrboodoosingh, your phone number and other Public Mobile related credentials are contained in the SIM card and that is portable to any unlocked and compatible phone.  Personal stuff like photos, files, etc. you will need to manage that separately.  You can check phone compatibility on the following site.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: How difficult would it

phone and service are two different things. Get your PM SIM to work first. Then you can change your phone anytime. Dont' have to tell the service provider.


It is like you have a TV, watching Bell program. Then you can change TV anytime. 


TV used to have different systems (kind of locked), not anymore. Phones are unlocked now; if not, previous service provider is obligated to unlock it.