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Frequent Service Outages Lately



For the past week at least (possibly more because honestly I am not addicted to my phone so it usually just sit there idle when I am home in the evening) I've noticed that my phone has displayed "Emergency Calls Only" rather than Public Mobile, and trying to place a call, respond to a text or anything basically does nothing. Oddly if I reboot the phone it will work for about 30 seconds or so, then go right back to Emergency Calls Only. There was a service patch by Samsung a little over a week ago so it could very much be related EXCEPT (capital words to show anger? No idea, I'm trying!) I did try my SIM in another phone (Lumia 650 rather than my Samsung S8+) and encountered the same issue. (Mind you that Lumia 650 is on death's door with its often non-responsive black screen issue despite the screen not being broken that can only be fixed with a reboot, but that is another issue entirely). I also tried it on my LG G Flex (still an awesome phone, but a bit dated now).

Long story short, it feels like I am back in the early days of PM (my early days that is) where reception at my place was terrible, but hey, it was cheap and up 80% of the time so I didn't care). After a couple of months of me second guessing being cheap and going with PM over Telus Prime or Rogers (because they own like 95% of the towers here). Now it is down 80% of the time and it is getting a wee bit annoying due to there being an uptic in me using it for work after hours (the joy of being on salary with a phone being paid for by work [they do a 50/50 split but they assume your bill is $80 a month so they give you $40 a month... and my plan is like $23 for 30 days... so um Shhhh!])...anyway, before I side tracked myself basically they tend to contact me at all hours...but that is another issue entirely too!). I never used to need my phone, and never really cared if it worked (work made me get one, but they never said it had to work, found a nice loophole there!) but now I kind of need it to be there for me when I need it the most.



Basically to hold a text-based conversation I have to send a message, reboot the phone so the message sends and hope they reply quick, otherwise I have to reboot the phone again to see if they replied, then reboot again to send my reply. I've tried a few different phones. It's starting to get really annoying. Both of my SIMs and all of my phones seem to be impacted so pretty sure it isn't on my end. I used to have decent (I would not say good) reception at my place. The rare dropped calls here and there and sometimes a lag with sending a text, but nothing this extreme. All my settings are settinged up so it isn't a misconfiguration. The phones used to work without issue on PM so it isn't incompatibiliy. The phones hasn't been dropped, dropkicked, thrown or drowned. I've tried LTE or just GSM, locked to towers or left unlocked. At this point, I'm not sure what to try next. 


tl;dr the tl;dr

What is up with the poor reception on PM (Bellus Network) lately? I've seen a few other threads with people mentioning it too. I'm in the North so we get what we get and I get it, but we used to get better than this!

Excelcior! Wait that isn't a profanity, I am bad at this.


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Re: Frequent Service Outages Lately

@Psygineer- not sure if you might be affected by this but...

Also, have you checked the network status for your area?


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Frequent Service Outages Lately

@abTest wrote:

@Psygineer- not sure if you mught be affected by this but...

Also, have you checked the network status for your area?


It doesn't have a coloured dot on my area there (nor on the Bell map), but it could be related to that Global News link. Either way, I do appreciate the support!