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Mayor / Maire

Re: Data not working

@whatsgonewell wrote:

did you get DATA working? if so , what steps

@milantst wrote:

I have the same issue as the OP. It's not a question of reception area. I can talk and use SMS, but I cannot use data at all. I can see the 4G signal, but there is no sending/receiving data. It's been two days so far. I tried turning off/on, checking the settings, etc. Everything on my end seems to set to send/receive data, except that it isn't. Help please!



According to subsequent post, milanst used up his/her data allottment.  Either needed to buy a data add on or ask moderator to renew plan earlier.  


You might want to start your own topic and describe your own situation  and the community may be able to help.  If community unable to help, you may need to contact moderator.  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Data not working

I don't see how to start a public topic..  A tip?


Re: Data not working

Hi @henrynguyen123


Sorry to hear you're facing difficulties with your data service. 


Let's continue working on this through a private message.