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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Confusing data usage

The usage history shows my data usage:

July 5.     8:03.     13 MB

               8:03.     1 MB

July 6.    8:28.      0 MB

              12:04.     1 MB

July 7.    8:28.      0 MB

               12:04.    1 MB

July 8.    7:28.       0 MB

               2:04.      1MB

july 9.     8:28.       0 MB

              12:04.     1 MB

I only used the data briefly on July 5 to check whether it was working. July 5 was the first day for my phone and number working. Since then I never used my data. Especially it doesn't make sense that on July 6,7,9 at the exact same minute and second, I used the same amount of data. I don't know what theses usage came from.


The other confusion is that adding up the questionable data usage from the history up to today (July 10), the total usage are 18 MB as listed above, however, in the overview of my plan (data and add-ons), total usage are 32.945 MB. I could not figure out the reason for this discrepancy.


Any possible explanations and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Confusing data usage

@guomao to me the precision of the timing seems to suggest to me it is the phone OS's issue or apps that might be pinging home more than Public's.
Mayor / Maire

Re: Confusing data usage

Data usage in the usage history is reported cummulative, twice a day.

It means that over roughly 12 hours your phone has used about 1MB. I have not seen the reporting in KB, so I assume that there is a bit of rounding going on as well. Your nearly real time usage (end of the session reporting, I think?) down to fractions of a MB are reported on the counter on your landing page and "usage" tab. That one is what officially counts, the usage history is more fyi.


Your phone might have some apps with background usage enabled that uses data even if you don't actively use it.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Confusing data usage


Take note of your current counter on the overview page.

Turn off data on the phone.

Refresh overview page. Any change?

Flip in/out of airplane mode.

Refresh overview page. Any change?

Take note of the counter.

Turn on data mode.

Refresh overview page. Any change?

This last change *should* show a "usage" of 5.293MB added to what is already there.

Take note of this new number.

Turn off data and flip in/out of airplane mode and refresh overview page. This should show you the amount that your phone actually consumed in the previous "session".


It's likely that the OS or one or more of the apps on your phone are consuming a little data.