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Re: Beta Phase


An adult who has been constructively criticized does not regard such feedback as bullish or degrading.
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Re: Beta Phase

I have been degraded a lot before, and I really don't appreciate that


I'm Not Perfect, I do Try, In my own way, to give info to the best of my knowledge and interpretation


I'm NOT a Machine that knows everything, NOT YET

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Re: Beta Phase

Hi @makkahn28 - I assure you that nobody in this Community meant to make you feel degraded in any manner. Discussions like these bring differences in opinions and that sometimes can be perceived incorrectly. 





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Re: Beta Phase

I agree with @Mansi_G  i felt like you were bulling me yestaurday @makkahn28 but i think you were just being helpful and I was reading it wrong plus i think you need sleep . You are on here all the time lol. Thats why i got off for the day. I can be kind of mood but I am the only consistant girl pm member on her as far as I can see. Like i said the other day just love the bunny cause the bunny loves you and hey I have been bullied most of my life to even by my own family. Every been sued by your own brother and mother? just because your father died and you lived with him...i have and thats just a little of my life.


cheer up @makkahn28 we love ya here Smiley Happy

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Re: Beta Phase

This discussion got side tracked, let's bring it back.

Re: Beta Phase

To _tien_,

The Beta phase is not indefinite. The company is working hard to eliminate all glitches, so that an official launch can occur.

When those glitches have been eliminated, the company will officially launch, thus leaving Beta in the past.

I hope that this addresses your concern.