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Re: Autocomplete acting very weird

When I'm using my iPad to compse posts in the forum, I notice strange things also.  My biggest beef is the lack of immediate 'Upeercase' first letter of a new sentence a/o paragraph.  Most apps and webpages I veiw work as I'm expecting, but not this one.



Mayor / Maire

Re: Autocomplete acting very weird


"Weird text encoding"?


Public uses the most basic of the basic

(plus of course the obvious fact noone else has ever suggested this bug in nearly 4 years of posting strongly implies error is on OPs phone)



@numberfly wrote:

I am a programmer, and my best guess is that it's something on PM's site's end. It almost sounds like they are using a weird text encoding, or otherwise their forum app that is running to host all this has a weird bug when multiple characters are being changed/added at once.