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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

ATTN: PUBLIC MOBILE. Please contact me.



I would like to speak with a representative of Public Mobile about this proposed gigantic price hike. As I understand it, I'm being told to switch providers or face an price increase of $40 to $50/mo. (I'm on a 12GB/120 day plan currently billed at $40/mo but am paying less after rewards). Switching providers is not an option for me right now. I can not afford a hit on my credit score (credit check) that will result from a post paid plan. I will also have to pay an additional fee for a new SIM card, probably pay an activation fee, and take time off work to go to a Koodo (or another provider that will not eventually scam me again).

This staggering price hike seems patently unreasonable to me, and I'd like to discuss it. Per legislation and CRTC/CCTS requirements I am initiating this as an attempt at open dialog with you, my service provider to amicably and simply resolve this issue. I am just not sure if the complaint should be made to Telus or Public Mobile, since Telus is the parent company and they would probably care more about their reputation/brand and I will more likely get a response. In order to get a response should I complain about Telus or Public Mobile, or both to the CRTC/CCTS.

As there is no other way to contact Public Mobile other than using this forum. If you do not respond within 48 hours in this thread, or shadowban me (in my reasonable estimation), or delete this post, I will assume that you reject all communication on this topic and proceed with a complaint to the CCTS and then the CRTC.

I loved Public Mobile and persuaded people to sign up. I strongly feel mislead by Public Mobile, when I signed up for this plan I truly believed that I was signing up for a plan that would not hike the price of the plan unexpectedly and unreasonably like other service providers. I have put my reputation on the line when I referred this plan to my friends and colleagues. No I have lost credibility. Additionally, I left a good plan to sign up for this one. Suffice to say that trust has been badly damaged. I would like very much to resolve this.

(Thank you, @HolmesIV and @Happydude666 for the inspiration for this posts. Hope you don't mind me using your language.)

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!




Yes you could be right, but it also means that up until I am an active member, doesn't matter if its for a year, 2 years or even more.

I think thats your interpretation though. The comma in that sentence 

Well folks, looks like we have a class-A lawyer amongst us. Remember people this guy is apparently a regular PM customer like us, and is doing all this postive PR for PM for FREE.



Mayor / Maire

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

@ute1978 I am strongly betting the rewards are next to go

They have too many refers that have reduced ARPU too far


Re: The Koodo Advantage

Frankly, my next cycle renews March 12th.  So I will renew my current Fall Promo 2016 plan at the $120 price, and have my next 90 days at the current rate, as the cost will not change until after March 20th.  I will not be leaving Public Mobile, as I do not want postpaid, I do not want Canadawide talk, and I can’t pass a credit check anyways at this time.


after I renew, I may change to down grade, as right now, I do not use my entire data allowance (approaching 6 GB with less than 30 days to go).  I did binge in this cycle, using 2 GB on a single day purposely.


I am either going to drop to 6 GB on 4G, or do the 12 GB on 3G, as they are both priced at $135 for 90 days.  Will Public Mobile change the in market pricing during that 90 day period, I don’t know.  If they do, I will have to decide again.


At this moment, I still access to the Promo until sometime in June.  I’m fortunate in this respect....  if I was comfortable with the offer to switch to Koodo, I could change within the March 15 deadline.... I just don’t see that as a good option for me.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

I am highly umimpressed with what Publicmobile has done.  I have recomeneded them to mutlitple people.  The TOS seems to be in conflict with their original ad although there seems to be some debate as to interpretation of the ad.   Regardless it is poor business to anger customers.  Publicmobile is trying to move people to Koodo but if this is their plan than it will fail with me.  I will look and wait for the next good plan the comes from a competitor that isn't associated with Telus.  Instead of an "upgrade" it will be an outright lost customer.  I hope others follow suit.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Forced $10 price increase... SOLUTION



I will submit a complaint too. This is blatant false advertising, bait-and-switch, and breach of contract. 

What contract???????? Ok maybe you have a case of contract until your 90 days expire but after that theres no implied contract. You have to renew on the updated rates.

Basic contract law, 101: 1. Offer, 2. acceptance, 3. consideration. 

1. Their offer:


2. I accepted (by signing up for the plan)


3. I paid (consideration)

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!


Regardless it is poor business to anger customers.  

Yes. That's all it is for me.

A company that makes 1.5 billion in profits every year can't afford to grandfather in what is at most a few thousand customers, who have recommended the business to others and brought in new customers for a basically unknown discount brand carrier. Telus is FECKED. I've been with Telus since 2011, now they've lost my business forever. 


They should have just shut down operations at this garbage brand, and I'd have been disappointed, not angry. Whoever came up with this "plan" at Telus HQ needs to be fired.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!


That's not just my opinion, its everybody's! Why do you think people are fuming over it.

Its not everyones opinion, nice try. People are fuming over it cause your precious wallets are getting another $10 month pulled out of it. PERIOD!!! Have fun taking this to CCTS or whatever the heck they are called. I guarantee you, you will lose this battle unless pm changes their mind voluntarily. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: The Koodo Advantage

@stonechuckerI too cooled down from this mornings shock. I will probably do exactly the same. I am glad I am not the only one considering to stay.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $40/4GB Plan - getting $10/month price INCREASE!

PM and Telus can get FECKED. Tell your bosses.