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How to/$15 plan/Check Voicemail Free/Textnow

A quick how to:


For those (like me) on the $15 plan with limited outgoing minutes.


This is how to check your voicemail for free and save your outgoing minutes.


It's also beneficial for those that travel to other countries and need to keep in touch with home.


Download the TEXTNOW APP to your phone.


Android Devices:


Apple Devices:


TEXTNOW gives you:


  • A Canadian # in your area.
  • Free Canada / USA calling
  • Free text.
  • You just need to be connected to WiFi or Data.
  • You can be any where in the world with a wifi connection to use it.
  • Just give people your textnow number to reach you. They DO NOT need to have the app installed. Just the number. Perfect for elders that use only a landline or not tech app savy to reach you.
  • Textnow also has caller id and voicemail.
  • When you're not connected to WiFi or Data people can leave you a voicemail that you can listen to later when you do connect to internet.


Once you have the app downloaded put it somewhere to your liking.


Open the app and sign-up.



Then due setup. (Basically a few permissions)

  • Access to contacts
  • Access to phone calls
  • Access to record ( meaning so people can leave you a voicemail to the textnow app so you can listen to it later when you do connect to the internet)

Then you're brought to pick a phone number.




You can select don't use my location if you want to try to find a specific area code for your textnow number.


You're then provided with numbers to choose and you're ready to go.






In the app, on right side press the call button.


Dial Your Area code - 580 - 4001





It will say. "To access your voicemail enter your 10 digit number and press star * when your voicemail message starts to play".


So enter your real cell number. When you hear your voicemail message start to play. Press star. Enter your voicemail password. Done!


You're now successfully listening to your voicemails for free and saving your minutes. 🙂



















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Mayor / Maire

Re: How to/$15 plan/Check Voicemail Free/Textnow

@Jb456 Great how to! For people like me though, no one calls and I don't recall ever getting a voicemail lol.

Mayor / Maire

Re: How to/$15 plan/Check Voicemail Free/Textnow

@Jb456 good for people who are in limited call plan.  thanks for sharing, JB

Mayor / Maire

Re: How to/$15 plan/Check Voicemail Free/Textnow

@RosieR @kb_mv  You both can use it when traveling. (When covid is contained) lol.

Mayor / Maire

Re: How to/$15 plan/Check Voicemail Free/Textnow

pm should make a category for this kind of stuff so it doesn't get buried...

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