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Mayor / Maire

Re: Terrific

@Kered13 If you want to direct a reply at someone in particular that replied to your thread, type @ and a list will pop up of people active on the thread. Pick who you want to  and carry on. As for thanks, you can "bravo" the post of someone you think that has been helpful. Bottom left of each message is the "bravo" button. If someone's post has solved your issue, select "Accept as Solution", should be bottom right of message.


Re: Terrific

@Kered13 wrote:

I would personally like to thank everyone who has been helping me out with my silly questions.

Of course being a newbie, I do not know how.

Until I figure this out please know I appreciate and respect you!



I guess my question is how to find you and say Thank You or need a bit more help on whatever the topic is?


Just know all assistance gets a wow or in our case some type of bravo?

@Kered13, for new people the best thing to do is ask questions when you need help or you can use the search function.  Do a lot of reading and you can learn a lot about PM.  There is an amazing amount of knowledge in the community and so many people willing to share their time to help out others.

I am happy to help, but I am not a MOD please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click the  in the bottom right to create a trouble ticket *

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Bravo/Reply



There’s a bell icon on the top right that shows if you have a notification like that. If you want a page to visit to see if it’s a bravo then visit:


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Finding myself

Mayor / Maire

Re: Terrific


You are doing great and your curiosity and enthusiasm will take you far in this community. We're all a bunch of help junkies who get off on the natural endorphins  produced in our brains by advocacy, sharing of knowledge and thank you's ( along with bravos and solutions we like those too!)


The search bar is your best friend....i know it's mine. I use it everyday as i continue to learn after just over a year here on the community. Trust me I knew barely anything with my trusty flip phone back up and forced upon smartphone. I won't get into my barely existent computer skills......yes I can hear the laughter fellow! You can find the answers to all of the common issues most users experience. More specific problems that are usually unique to a members make and model of phone require fine tuning your search key words and looking at several posts with or without (sometimes) marked solutions. I find just tapping "go" with your search is easier than clicking on a specific thread so that several pages of options are available for you to read. This will allow you as a new member to find answers quickly and help contribute while still building up your knowledge. Reading a few solved threads to find the same solution can help confirm that the answer you may post is correct.


You will soon realize public mobile has many quirks, glitches, work arounds and trouble shooting techniques. Pay attention to these as they are commonly what is being posted as the issue and therefore become easy to diagnose and then offer the unique solutions members have figured out can solve them without the need of a moderator......the last resort solution for a member to recommend. Moderators should only be utilized for account specific access only issues.


Keep the questions coming......utilize the bravos, give members a chance to reply and offer their opinions before you choose a solution so the best tailored post becomes the solution. Your contributions no matter what stage you are at in your journey on the community are appreciated and contribute to the overall diversity the community offers.


Welcome to the public mobile community.

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