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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Anyone else want to help but feel overwhelmed by the Community?

I agree with this. I joined not too long ago and saw how people competed to get the Bravos and stuff. The sense of community seems lost. It‘a quality information that PM is looking for, not duplication of info.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Anyone else want to help but feel overwhelmed by the Community?


I think the negative comments about duplication are only half right. To post something well after is not preferable. But often it's within the same minute or two of the OP.

Or later on another person asks another question or has their own same question and the subject runs again.

I think the observations from the seasoned Oracle above are likely spot on wrt diverging traffic. I also think the company has made improvements in systems that has lessened the need for people to ask in the first place.

As for community...customers come here looking to fix their problem. Not talk about the weather. The regulars will jump in. Then someone says something and a little kibbitizing ensues. I think that's where a lot of "community" happens. Otherwise, there's always the Lounge to talk about the weather.


 @Naepalm : you arrived around the time of a total frenzy due to the lock downs and unemployed folks. It has definitely dropped a LOT since that period of time.


So @Awu1 : when you wish to kill some time and sit down and maybe give this place some focus, load the All Posts page and check out what's going on. Go to page two if you like. See if there's anything that catches your eye. Sometimes some questions go unanswered and slip through. Click the little see more link to open more of the post. Read the answers. Think whether you can add some nuance that hasn't been said yet. Or jump in when it's a new question. Others will too but I think it's all perfectly fine in those first few minutes.

Then refresh again. Watch some tv, refresh again. Read some other forum and refresh again.

Do this because you like to. It's not monetarily worth your time to do it for the reward. You should be able to get into a buck or two with some level of participation throughout the month though.

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