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"Moderator" Term Change Survey


This survey is now closed.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey, or left us feedback on this post. We really appreciate your help! 


Stay tuned for results 😀



Hi Community,


We’re looking for your help to rethink the term “moderator”! 


Here at Public, our moderators assist customers, resolve issues and are involved in managing Community content. They are your direct line of contact when you submit a ticket, and are our eyes and ears for any new issues. 


We know that the term “moderator” doesn’t cover all the amazing work they do. We’ve also heard that “moderator” is confusing and not very intuitive for new customers.


So we’ve shortlisted a few alternatives which you’ll hopefully like better. 


Please share your thoughts through this short survey. Your responses will be completely anonymous.


The last day to vote and share feedback is JANUARY 25, 2021.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you 😀


- Public Mobile Team

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

I never did understand why "moderator" was used. It isn't consident with the terms that other message boards use. Employees are all often referred to as administrators.  Also, I would consider having the moderators using the "PM" Public Mobile label next to their usernames. I realize that moderators are in a different department than the marketing team. However, the customer generally wants to know if the person works for the company or is authorized to perform changes to the customer's account.


Out of curiosity, is there a way for members to complete this survey withiout needing to use or create a Google account?  I have one, but I believe that most who don't aren't going to do this.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

Generally speaking, pretty much any other forum, when using the term "Moderator", is USUALLY talking about what the Oracles currently do. The job that the current Moderators do is generally accepted to be something like, Customer Service Rep., or similar.

Mayor / Maire

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

When I'm told there is no cs here i just tell them there are, they are just called moderators

Mayor / Maire

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey


Both @computergeek541 and @CFPartDeux bring up excellent points. Almost every other forum have moderators who are members "moderating" the forum voluntarily for the benefit of others so that membership themselves self regulate the forum. Moderators at public mobile are employees so that can confuse that's what the oracles do here....not all knowing, all seeing demi-gods in long white can be very confusing!


The customer support team "CST"  members should perhaps have an opportunity to make their suggestions and gjve their opinion on what they should be called....they need to represent too!

Mayor / Maire

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

Customer Service/Success/Support + Rep/Agent/Guru/Team/Member/Tech... etc


The designation moderator would be better suited for policing a forum for harassment/ off topic / bad language etc... not helping customer's with service needs and technical issues.



Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

The naming had never made sense to me since day one.  However, like many we just come to accept it and we know the thankless job they do to for customers 7 days a week.  It is nice see a much needed name change is finally coming and customers have a say.  


Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

Great to see this brought up officially as it has been something talked about for as long as I have been here.  Glad to see stuff brought forward from the Oracle section out to the general public for input as well!!

I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click the Chat bubble in the bottom right to create a trouble ticket *

Mayor / Maire

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

That is a loooong time coming, Public Mobile.  


This will much better serve all the good folks on this Community who work diligently to help YOUR customers better navigate the challenges of on-line only service.


Great move, Public Mobile!!!

Mayor / Maire

Re: "Moderator" Term Change Survey

short and quick survey  👍


it's really time to change the term.. unless PM tells me moderators are all volunteers and the don't get paid.. lol


Also, with SIM-jacked seems to be an issue lately, I really think Moderator should reply them as quickly as they can.. i see so many posts about they opened tickets long time and no one reply. 

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