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Resolved! Certified Pre-Owned Phones: F.A.Q

Hey Community, As many of you may know, it’s been almost a year since we’ve launched our Certified Pre-Owned phones, and we’re so happy you’ve shared in its growth! From our evolving CPO catalogue, to our Community Picks promotions, we continue to of...

J_PM by Public Mobile
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Welcome to our New Community!

Happy New Year Community, We are delighted to launch our newly redesigned Community. We hope you like the fresh new look, and that the new design will allow you to find information you need quickly and easily. Curious about our new upgrades? We’ve hi...

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J_PM by Public Mobile
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Top Contributors December 2016

Hello Community, December was an exciting and somewhat challenging month for us and we wanted to thank you all for supporting our customers, and the extra effort you put into helping others with their questions and engaging in their conversations. I ...

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Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
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System Maintenance - January 10th & January 12th

This means that on Tuesday, January 10th from 00:00 AM (EST) until 06:00 am (EST) & on Thursday, January 12th from 00:00 AM (EST) until 07:00 am (EST) you won't be able to do the following: Access your Self-Serve account Activate a new account Please...

Shazia_K by Retraité / Retired
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Top Contributors November 2016 + 2 New Oracles Revealed

Hey Community, November was another busy and exciting month, as we continued to offer our infamous $40/ 4GB plan. As a result of the promotion, we saw a big increase in new members to our Community, many having lots of questions. We also saw a huge i...

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Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
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Update on support

Hello Community, I want to give you an update on where we are at right now, since the last time I did so was last week. First, I want to start off by thanking you all for the continued patience and support you have demonstrated over the last two week...

Dave_M by Retraité / Retired
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Moving forward together

Hello Public Mobile community, I want to thank all of you for your interest in Public Mobile’s fall promotion, which expired last night at midnight. The interest we have seen has been overwhelming and we are so happy to welcome all of you to our bran...

Dave_M by Retraité / Retired
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SIM Ordering & SIM Card Payment & Pick-Up Locations

UPDATE: VANCOUVER IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT. Hey Community, There are only 2 more days left for you to take advantage of our 4G/ $40 promotional plan. Since time is short, we are doing a couple of things to help you get your SIM cards prior to the promo...

Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
  • 277 replies
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Doing wireless different has its ups and downs

Public Mobile Community, It is almost 3 years ago to the day when I first walked into the Public Mobile office tasked with finding a way to turn the Public Mobile business around. At the time, it had a limited network with a very expensive support st...

Dave_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 169 replies
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U.S. Roaming has arrived!

Hey Community! We are ecstatic to announce that after months of planning and hard work, U.S. Roaming has launched! With Black Friday around the corner, we think the timing is pretty great. It’s also news you can share with your friends to increase yo...

Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
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[UPDATE] U.S. Roaming Add-Ons are Now Working

[UPDATE] This issue has been fixed as of November 15th, 2016. Hey Community, As some of you have noticed, U.S. Roaming Add-Ons are now available in Self-Serve. While you can see them in Self-Serve, and are able to purchase them, we do not have the ro...

Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
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Top Contributors - October 2016

Hello Community, October was an exciting month for our Community, and we want to share some of that excitement with you! Before we do, here are a few interesting facts about the month of October that you probably didn’t know: The Anglo-Saxons called ...

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Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
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System Maintenance this weekend

This means that from Friday, November 11th 10:50 PM (ET) until Saturday, November 12th 8:45 AM (ET) & Nov 13th (Sun) 12:00am to Nov 13th (Sun) 10:00am EST you won't be able to do the following: Access your Self-Serve account Activate a new account Pl...

Shazia_K by Retraité / Retired
  • 50 replies
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**Information required before sending a message

Hello Community, Due to a high volume of messages being received, we are experiencing some delays in getting back to you. In order for us to be more efficient, we would like to call out a few things that can help us, help you. 1) If you recently port...

Mary_M by Retraité / Retired
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Simon is here to help!

Hey Community, If you’ve ever visited our online Community you’d notice there are many repeat questions, especially about very general issues. We wanted to find a solution that would help reduce the numbers of redundant questions here and help our cu...

Simon.png question mark icon.png
Val_T by Retraité / Retired
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[UPDATE] Last day to get our limited time 4GB / $40 promo plan!

Note: The promo plan has been removed from our website; however is still available in the activation portal and in Self-Serve. We will be honouring the promo plan for all customers who ordered their SIM card between October 25th-November 16th, but di...

Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
  • 1415 replies
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Seeing our SIM cards waste away made us so sad!

Hey Community, We are introducing some changes to the SIM ordering process, incorporating our learnings from the potential Canada Post work stoppage and members’ feedback. The new SIM ordering process, which will take effect on October 18th, will loo...

Public Mobile - SIM Waste GIF_DESIGN_Final-EN_Oct05.gif
Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
  • 77 replies
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[UPDATE] No longer able to request a rebate on SIM card

[UPDATE] As of October 18th we will no longer be providing rebates on SIM cards that were purchased during the potential Canada Post work stoppage. To learn more, check out THIS post. Hello Community, Just to add some clarity in the process of "reque...

Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 5 replies
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Top Contributors - September 2016

Hello Community, Well here comes Autumn, - with the beautiful changing colour of leaves and the warm temperature already slipping away. In honour of the changing season, here’s few fun facts about September you may not know: September is the ninth mo...

Lithium-TopContributers-SeptmeberBanner.png Oracles_top_july.png top.5 september 2016.PNG reward_level_english.JPG
Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 40 replies
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Thank you!

Thank you. Thank you very much. We’d like to thank you, this Thanksgiving weekend, for making the Public Mobile Community awesome! From all of us at Public Mobile!

Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 16 replies
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Your privacy is important to us

NEW - March 7, 2017 Hi Community, Here at Public Mobile, we respect your privacy, value your trust, and make it our priority to keep your personal information safe. Our team wanted to let you know that we have updated our Privacy Commitment. Rest ass...

Brooke_C by Retraité / Retired
  • 20 replies
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Top Contributors - August 2016

Hello Community, August is so much more than just the last month of the summer. Here are some interesting facts about August that you may not know: The Romans gave this month its name in 8BC, after the first Roman Emperor Augustus who ruled from 27BC...

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Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 29 replies
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**Closed** Community Giveaway: Want 3 months of Netflix for free?

Hey Community! Anyone like movies? We've got codes for 3 months of FREE Netflix to give away! The first 40 members who REPLY below with their favourite movie will recieve a redeemable code. Be quick because they expire at 5 pm EST tomorrow!

Danny_M by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
  • 63 replies
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*Closed* Swapping useless junk for a useful SIM card

Hey everyone. Some of you may have noticed an online campaign we recently launched on Facebook and YouTube called SIM Swap. What the heck is a SIM Swap, you might ask? Well here’s how it works: Through a series of social posts and YouTube videos, we ...

Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 78 replies
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LAST CHANCE: Adele Concert Giveaway Closes Tonight @ 11:59 pm!

Hey Community! Today is the last chance to enter into The Adele Concert Giveaway! From those who have participated in the past, you'll know that everyone's chances of winning are very high! Here’s how it works: Anyone who joins Public Mobile between ...

Danny_M by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
  • 15 replies
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Top Contributors - July 2016

Hello Community, July’s birthstone is the ruby, which is a symbol of contentment. Well, in July there was a lot to be content about. The awesome weather and of course our amazing new suit of rate plans: And we’re also extremely ...

Lithium-TopContributers-JulyBanner.png Oracles_top_july.png july top 5.png reward_level_english.JPG
Jeremy_M by Retraité / Retired
  • 33 replies
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