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Mayor / Maire

Re: What to do with spam in your Private Message folder

@hanna_t wrote:

I received this one this today.  From Stella Torres - how to make money.

The previous one was February 2nd from Jaguarz - Bitcoin opportunity.


Your screen shot indicates I need to open the message.  The link appears to be in the message header.  Is that not going to provide them the info they need?  Or am I misreading this?

@hanna_t   Were you able to verify the web address as suggested earlier by hovering over the message heading?   Otherwise, if the message you received is the same as another poster who reported something similar earlier today, then you should be able to safely open the message by clicking the heading and then have the option to first report and then delete it as per @RosieR's post.


Here's a link to the other thread on spam message received:

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