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We need your feedback: How do we make 90-day plans easier to understand?

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

Hey Community,


When we announced that we would be closing down our Public Lab, we also committed to collecting your feedback and ideas in more actionable ways. Below is one example of how we plan to do just that.


Some feedback we’ve been regularly hearing is that new customers are having a difficult time understanding our 90-day plans. I recently witnessed this confusion firsthand, when a family member joined Public Mobile. She asked questions like: What is a 90-day plan? And, if I get a 90-day plan, how does the payment work? Do I pay every 30 days for a 90 day period or do I pay for the full 90 days upfront? Being the only carrier in Canada who provides 90-day plans, it is not surprising that this is the response, and we recognize that offering a plan for this length of time is unfamiliar for most. That is why, from now until April 20th, we want to work with you to see how we can make it easier for everyone to understand.


Today, we communicate the 90-day total within the plan calculators on our plans page, activation portal and Self-Serve. The total is displayed as follows:

Current 90 day ribbon EN.png

We are looking to update this view in order to address the confusion some customers are experiencing when they purchase a 90-day plan.


Here’s how it will work

Below, you will you find several design and copy ideas that we’ve come up with. There are 4 versions, so please make sure to pay close attention to which variant you like.

  1. Vote below on the option you like the most by clicking on the ‘Bravo’ icon
  2. If you don’t like any of the proposed options, or have a different idea, create your own design and post it as a reply to this thread. Here are a couple of pointers when doing so:
    • Be sure to take the lens of someone who has never heard of Public Mobile before and is hearing about our 90-day plans for the first time
    • Get support for your option from the Community by sharing why you think your design and copy would be easier for others to understand


After April 20th, we will review the submissions, with particular focus on the most Bravo’d options. While we will be closely looking at the designs which have the most Bravo’s, we will also take into consideration other factors, such as how design elements impact timelines, when making the selection. We may also find that a combination of the options is best, and decide to pull them together for the ultimate customer-friendly design. From there, we will make the big reveal!


We are looking forward to seeing all the creative ideas, and hearing your thoughts!


-Public Mobile Community Team


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Yeah that was unfortunate

I understand *why* they did it but I really prefer the longer term flexibility


@horemansus wrote:

Seems like 90 day plans cost the same as30 day plans, so the qustion has been resolved by dropping the cost of 30 day plans.

I second this notion as most of our finacials aka bills, recur on a monthly cycle.. And PM gets the benefit of the 5 extra days each year! Clever.



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I, like many, understand in $$$. With that said, make the 90 day plans more enticing, either by making them a fair bit cheaper or by including extras... such as more data... or both!!! 🤪

@MrMonk wrote:

I, like many, understand in $$$. With that said, make the 90 day plans more enticing, either by making them a fair bit cheaper or by including extras... such as more data... or both!!! 🤪

...or voice minutes...or texting

I'd pay oh I dunno $40 for 90 days of unlimited texting and province calling.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I think it should be setup so that it reads your 90 plan cost will be xxx.xx or you can pay monthly fee xx.xx. I would think this would eliminate most of the confusion.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I like this option as it makes clear that the amount showing is the amount you pay every 90 days, but it also outlines what the amount averages out to every 30 days, which for people new to Public Mobile would find useful if they are comparing it to plan provided by other carriers.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Usually longer commitment implies some sort of reward. Many people would expect to have slightly cheaper (maybe by 1$ or 2$) bill. This way the customer would understand that by signing up for longer they get rewarded. 


There could be a text saying: "If you pay for 90 days upfront, you will save 2$ on your payment" or something like that. 


It matches people's expectations and therefore is easier to understand.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there I have an emergency and I wonder if u could help need to activate my new sim as older son card got damaged . I have 120 dollars just prepaid earlier this month that I would like to transfer to my new sim I wonder if u could help as without son I am totally stalled.

My phone is **********

Name K***** g****** 

My account also logged out as saying invalid password and won't email me rest link pls help what to do 


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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Hey @kgulzar1,

I removed your personal info to protect your privacy. This is a public forum.

Only share personal info via private messages to @CS_Agent


As per changing sim cards, I can guide you to do it form selfserve:

1. sign into

2. Click on plans and add-ons

3. Click on Change SIM

4. Enter the serial number of the new sim card.  Double check. Submit. 


Now you can start using the new sim card instantly. 

Someone randomly bumped this old thread but it got me wondering if any extended plans would be available again or has Public decided to just do 30 days?


I still would like a longer term, or even a PPU term (365 days to compete against 7-11)