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Re: Transferring or Changing your Phone Number


I think the wording of internal transfer is misleading.....the telus porting team performs all incoming ports from canadian telecoms/providers into its three mobile providers : telus/koodo/pm. If there is a porting issue either the moderators contact them on a customer's behalf and/or access the pm customers account if necessary to help complete the port or depending on the customers previous provider/account type** the customer can contact the telus porting department to  provide the necessary missing or incorrect info causing a port to be "stuck" or reinitiate the port request if replying YES to the porting authorization text has been missed by the customer.


If you are porting out of pm to a provider that is not telus or koodo you must contact that provider's customer service/porting department to solve porting issues from pm to their competing provider.


There are a couple of advantages when porting between telus/koodo/pm which includes additional porting authorization texts if the first is missed....


Note, that if you are transferring an existing number from TELUS Prepaid, TELUS Postpaid, or Koodo Postpaid, and have missed the 90 minute window to respond, we will automatically resend you the SMS text to validate the transfer up to 5 times between the hours of 11 AM and 8 PM ET. If those attempts are unsuccessful, we will send an SMS with instructions on how to reinitiate your number transfer request.


You can also port your number between these three "sister" companies if your account is in suspended status vs having to have an active account when porting in/out to all other providers. If your account is suspended you must contact customer service to authorize your port since the porting authorization text cannot be recieved with a suspended service account.


**The exception to the above information is customer accounts from pc mobility and koodo prepaid. Customers transferring from these two providers must activate a pm account with a temporary number (which all customers can choose to do if they desire) and after activation of the sim card is complete and all pm services are functioning contact the moderators to complete the number transfer between accounts. The telus porting department cannot do this because they do not have access to customer accounts on either end of the number transfer and these essentially are not number ports.


With the exception of these two providers new customers can take a temporary number with pm and confirm their sim has activated correctly, all pm services are working and their self serve account is set up and then port in their phone number thru the change number feature in their pm account using the same procedure/info as at activation.


This is recommended for numbers being ported from landlines, voip providers and number parking services like number barn as these ports can take on average 2 days (landlines) up to 7 days to complete and occasionally as long as 10 to 14 days.

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