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Thank you to SD08 and stonechucker!

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 


It is with great sadness that I am announcing today that @SD08 and @stonechucker will be stepping down as Oracles. 


These two have made incredible contributions to the Community over the years, and it truly would not be the place that it is without them. Since joining the Community in November 2016, SD08 has received over 6000 bravos for his contributions and authored over 230 accepted solutions. Since joining in August 2016, stonechucker has received over 8,700 bravos and authored over 150 accepted solutions. These contributions have been invaluable. 


We want to extend a huge thank you to these two for their time as Oracles. The support they’ve provided to fellow Community members and the contributions they’ve made in general over the years are greatly appreciated. Although they will no longer officially be Oracles and we are sad to see them step down, we’re happy to still have them as part of the Community. 


Please help us in giving these two a huge thank you for their time as Oracles!


- The Public Community Team


Mayor / Maire

All the best @stonechucker & @SD08 thank you for all your contributions!

Mayor / Maire


@stonechucker @SD08  Hugs to both of you and thank you for all the time you gifted us and all the hard work 

Mayor / Maire

Thanks @SD08  @stonechucker  for your assistance and contributions to the community forum.

Been missing stonechucker around here for a while. SD08 (or is that SDO8) seemed to have had a short tenure.

But both well deserved. Thank you to you both for all your efforts here.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@stonechucker, my fellow retiring Oracle, thanks for your many valuable contributions over the years. Enjoy your well-earned retirement.  I hope you'll still visit now and then.


To the PM Team and the community, thanks very much for the kind words and support.  Smiley Happy   I'm glad to have been a part of this community over the past few years and to still be here as Public Mobile continues its evolution.


Due to shifting personal priorities, my activity level in the community had been decreasing over the past few months, so I felt it appropriate to tender my resignation as Oracle.  Though I realize I've had a shorter than average term in the role, I wanted to make way for a more active member to fill the position eventually.  I will still be around though not as actively as I once was.


The Oracle role has been a unique and interesting experience.  I am grateful to the PM team for honouring me with this opportunity over the past year and for all the work you do for this community.

Mayor / Maire

Well, not that I saw much of these two around here, since I only joined in Dec., 2019, but yeah, good job - that's a LOT of bravos & solutions!!! 👍 

Thanks. Enjoy the retirement.

@SD08 and @stonechucker Thanks for sharing the journey. Robot Very Happy

A new dawn beckons. Here's to smooth sailing. 


dawn sailing.jpg

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.




Thanks for the year of service.  It was fun and interesting.

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