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Scheduled System Maintenance on Sept 8

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 


On September 8th we will be deploying some bug fixes and enhancements to the My Account page and it will be down for maintenance between 12:00 and 1:00 AM (Wednesday night and Thursday).


If you are looking to make basic changes to your account, you can dial *611 on your phone.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you,


- Public Mobile Team



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Seems a very odd thing to restrict... Wasting agents time for something that should be done easily by the user if they want to just remove a payment card 🤔


But good to know at least that updating/changing is still possible


(Now they just gotta work on allowing any custom payment amount again 😉 as of now you can only pay what's due in full before rewards, or extra, but not less)

@dust2dust    I know it's not a really big deal, but sorta was annoying to go through the 2FA.  Yes, I was almost 100% sure that option wasn't there before too.   So I guess that's one of the couple things I've noticed that have been updated, but apparently still not able to remove one's payment card.  I would have thought that might have been on PM's priority to-do list since it takes away customer support time from dealing with more important issues. 

@dabr- That's cool but once you're logged in it kind of doesn't matter. You just don't have to hassle with an email. I think I agree that it wasn't possible "before".

@Pawprints1986   Yes, replacing (updating is doable), however, you can't remove any payment card without going through customer support now.  This restriction does not make any sense, whatsoever!


I just discovered that I can disable 2FA on a suspended account now too, which I believe wasn't possible before, although I could be mistaken about it not being an option before.

Hi @Pawprints1986 the function to update and change to a new card is there.  You just cannot remove the card from the system without replacing with a new one.  

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

What if someone's card expires and they need to renew it ?

@CountyDownIeUk wrote:



Sounds good. But I reiterate.....will we see a list of the fixes? 

Does anyone know what was fixed after this scheduled maintenance?     It would be nice to know what improvements were made, if any?

 I see that plan selection now has separate tabs for 3G and 4G selection, but other than that I don't see anything else has changed.   Being able to remove our payment card is still disabled.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Okay, so now after a planned  maintainence on the 8th, and an unplanned maintainence on the 12th, you still cannot make a payment that's under the full amount due. 


Many of us are not idiots and know how to account for our rewards due, and prefer to make manual payments so that way auto pay cannot fail. Is this trying to force people to switch to the new rewards or something?


What if I was using a prepaid Visa gift card that only has $25 on it and my amount due was $40 - with the current system I cannot use this gift card towards my balance owing at all even if that's what I'd prefer to do with it. This has got to be an issue (still) for more than just me


Either fix it to allow payment below what is due like before *or* at least make it so that rewards are deducted from the amount due beforehand, so that way you're still only paying what's actually due even if making a manual payment, and not leaving rewards in limbo. I used to be able to pay amounts as low as $1. I'd do this once a year to keep credit cards alive that I don't use often, and that was allowed. And now I can't even deduct rewards and pay the rest. 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hmm, interesting I didn't know that! I don't have either close by enough to be worth it but for sure interesting!

No, there's that other little used method available at just a couple places. You might get weird looks when you ask. Canadian Tire gas is another. You ask for cellular top up or some such words. They ask who, they ask how much, they ask phone and done. aka instant top up. And it is instant.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@dust2dust I thought you could only buy vouchers "in the wild", which you then have to add yourself ?

Somebody someday needs to run out to a Mobil gas station and do a real time top up when another of these downtime happens. See if it works.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

System is down for me on sept 12 12:24am - as is 611 - I can log in to see my rewards, and here on community but that's it. 


Was the fix from 4 days ago just that good, or, did something else happen? Lol


Also, any way to disable the useless "check out the website" text that you now get every time you call 611 without blocking the number as it's also my payment reminder, which is actually useful? I thought it was a one time thing. Nope ! 


(Just noting my service itself is working. Just would like to be able to make a payment)

Mayor / Maire

@J_PM    I just noticed the options under Quick Links in the self serve account has been disabled.  Is this temporary?



Thank you. 

@CountyDownIeUk Correct. We're making multiple fixes. 

I was wondering what got fixed too.


The issue with Usage report filter still there 😞

Mayor / Maire

$15 plan description is still missing unlimited inbound calling

Referral Phone Numbers vs Dollars Credited still are imbalanced.  x 3 accounts. 

ughhh I hope this isn't it then

Mayor / Maire

Dates are still wrong (except end date). Caching is still keeping old data. Refresh (F5) or Ctrl-F5 do nothing. The little spinner works nicely though.



Sounds good. But I reiterate.....will we see a list of the fixes?

Mayor / Maire

Happy to see  bug fixes and enhancements  coming


@J_PM   do you have the list of issues this will cover?


Mayor / Maire

Great hope this has to do with the inaccurate numbers/usage etc. a welcome change indeed!

Mayor / Maire

Thanks for the heads up @J_PM . Deployment of fixes for bugs and enhancement sounds good to me - yeah Public!


Mayor / Maire

Well that's some learning for me. That short list of things that was on the announcement post that got edited that one could allegedly do with the chatbot made me look. Wow. You can do a whole bunch of stuff in it that I never knew before. How thoroughly useful. Would like a way to properly log out when done though rather than just closing it.

611 is still withering on the vine though.

Adding - interesting edit @SSO_T1 🙂


So I went looking.

Start chatbot
Are you a customer - click yes
Click on the sign in - login box pops out - login using normal login credentials.

So I made a chart of the differences between the self serve and 611 and the chatbot. The left column are all the things that can be done and seen in the self-serve.


Self Serve611Chatbot
Lost/stolen phone Yes – didn't test
Change sim  
Change card  
Toggle autopayyesonly on – didn't seem to work anyway
(add funds)  
use registered cardyesYes – didn't test
use voucheryesYes – didn't test
custom amountpresetsYes – didn't test
change card  
Amount dueyesyes
Due dateyesYes – but uses last day as due date
Payment history yes
Usage countersData,Intl LDYes – the 50 texts used counter doesn't work
Usage details  
Shop add-onsRoaming, US LDYes – didn't test
Referral code  
Plan details yes
Plan & Add-ons  
Change plan only immediate – didn't test
Change password Yes – takes you to the standard change page
Change pin  
Change voicemail password Yes – 10 digits – must change on first access
toggle 2FA  
Account number  
Change number  
Change name, address, alternate #  
Transfer number  


Of course the voicemail password can be changed in the voicemail system. But not 611.