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Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

Hey Community,


Last week, the Public Mobile team had a really good discussion about the future of our Lab, based on feedback from @srlawren and @NDesai that it should be removed. We talked about the purpose of the Lab, benefits of having it, as well as the struggles we are currently experiencing. Ultimately, we agree that removing it is the best decision.


We realized that, when we launched the Lab, we were over-eager dreamers who wanted to be able to collect customer feedback in real time and then action it the next day. But, the reality of the situation is that implementing these changes can sometime take months (or years!) and can be millions of dollars. This has left us in a bind where we have lots of great ideas on our to-do list, but not enough team members, money, or time to allow us to act on those ideas. This feedback helped us recognize that, by keeping the Lab open, we are giving you false hope that we can implement your ideas in a short period of time, and that, when we don’t, it feels pretty crappy for you. And, truthfully, it feels pretty crappy for us too.


To change this feeling, we will be removing the Lab on February 1st, with the intent of collecting your feedback and ideas in more actionable ways. For example, whenever the team kicks off a new systems improvement or product launch, the Public Mobile team has collectively committed to ensuring that we gather feedback from you and other Community members throughout the development process. By doing this, we will not only build better products, but we will also make sure that you are giving us feedback on projects at times that can make a big difference. This has worked really well when we’ve done it before, so we’re committing to do this more consistently.


To finish off, I wanted to thank @srlawren and @NDesai for this feedback. You helped our team see an opportunity to do this better and we’re excited to collect the Community’s valuable feedback in a more actionable way.


-Public Mobile Community Team

Mayor / Maire

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

Thanks for the heads-up and explanation, @Brooke_C.


It's a bit bitter-sweet... On one side it was great to see the lab as a sign that Public cares about customer input. Or at least used to care... I haven't seen a lot of action from PM in there since I joined last spring. On the other hand seeing good ideas not leading to improvements to the system at least over time was somewhat frustrating, not to mention all those posts that didn't belong in there at all but couldn't be dealt with at all with oracle powers.


So, thanks Public Mobile for offering this opportunity. Looking forward to seeing the "new" approach to improvements blossoming. I for one am all for regular updates, specially when it comes to fixing long standing and common problems with the system.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

Thanks for being upfront about it, I always like to be able to give feedback to products and services I use regularily but I also understand the challenges with that and don't always expect my ideas to be actioned upon.


Hope you someday get the resources and support to get to a place where you can feel able to work on customer ideas again however unlikely that may be.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

 @Brooke_C. I have mixed emotions on this one.


In a way it acted as an outlet to be constructive and supportive of things that members would like to see implementd... as well as expressing frustrations and suggesting ideas to resolve various issues. Yes, it is inconvenient to have to consider all this with limited resources, however, the public lab is not irrelevant. Even if nothing was done with the items in the Public Lab, it eliminiated most repetition and acted as a database of what has been suggested.


I suspect that the comments that would be provided in the Public Lab will now be forced to migrate to all the other threads, making it harder to track and manage. Members will also have to filter them from all the other discussion topics in the threads. 


I would have kept it, while not really doing anything with it (as has been the case until now).

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

I don’t have much to add here. If ideas weren’t/aren’t/can’t be actioned then probably best to get rid of it. 


With that being said...


Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

With over 620 new ideas of course it is in manageable. It's like doing taxes put everything in a box collect for 2 years then say let's file taxes from 2ueats ago vs every month having a look and sorting.


There were many good ideas and many duplicate ones.  It's really too bad that the ball was dropped.


Customer feedback is always important both the good and the bad. Now it will just get lost in the regular forums, which I guess is not much difference than what was happening now.


Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

Well, it is use it or lose it.  If it not serving the original intended purpose, no point in keeping it.  Change is good.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

I fully understand and support the reasoning behind this decision.


Also worth noting that this does not mean the end of feedback/suggestions.  The entire community forum already serves as a great feedback medium.  I am sure PM wiil reach out to us in the community for specific focused discussions/feedback as needed.  


Have a great weekend everybody!  

Mayor / Maire

Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

At least replace the public lab with a bug fix tracker, where we can get an update when some of the important bugs such as autopay not working at renewal and password reset feature not working can be tracked for resolution and updates. 


Btw, it's very embarrassing that these well known and critical bugs have not been fixed. 


Re: Saying Goodbye to the Public Lab

Changed my mind about a rant. Just saddened to see PM moving away from it's original premises over the last 12 months; last nail in that coffin I guess. 💀

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