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Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM Swap Fraud


I'm not quite sure the problem you are does not support esims and an esim is imbedded in an esim enabled phone.  Do you need a reliable retailer to purchase a pm sim card?

Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM Swap Fraud

 @Junaidnur : Why do you think you're in a SIM card swap hack situation? The option to change SIM in the self-serve is gone. How would this happen? What symptoms are you having that leads you to this conclusion?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: SIM Swap Fraud

@hTideGnow I hate that so many companies are forcing it... You can't even make an Instagram account now without it. I tried giving it a fake number from one of those receive text free sites, but it didn't work and now that email is banned. It's not a bank account, it's social media. Its getting ridiculous...


Especially if it makes swaps like this all the more easier


Can we once and for all make it so you have to act if you *want* the swap, or phone number port to happen legitimately? As of now doing nothing means you want the switch. So if someone's asleep, at work, etc they'll have no idea in time and then these things will happen more... Even if we have to call the main telus line. It's a hassle but less a hassle than having to possibly replace all ID and every single account/card/password... 

Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM Swap Fraud

@Junaidnur  not sure what the problem you have.. did you meant the SIM you got from your area are all fake or being "tampered"?   If you are worry, I guess you can order directly from PM, but it might be a lengthy delivery.



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