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[Resolved] Statement Indicates Koodo

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Update: We are pleased to report the CC Statement lists Koodo issue is fixed. In addition, our team is also finalizing a resolution for the Welcome to Koodo SMS issue. Customers may experience this SMS upon resolution completion. 


Thank you!

- Public Mobile Team



Hey Community,


We’re writing this update to let you know that our technical team is working on a fix for two ongoing issues that have frequently been spotted in the Community. Thank you all for flagging these issues to us and keeping us on the ball. See below for details:


Welcome to Koodo SMS: We are aware that some customers have received a welcome SMS upon activation of their services, however the SMS states Koodo instead of Public Mobile. 


CC Statement lists Koodo: Similarly to the SMS, some customers have seen Koodo listed on their credit card statements, instead of Public Mobile. It’s our understanding that the issue occurs on the first payment cycle and changes to "Public Mobile" on subsequent statements to follow.    


Note: Payments and service should not be affected, the only impact is “cosmetic”.Our team is actively working on a solution and we look forward to returning with an update, once the issue is resolved. 


Thank you, 


- Public Mobile Team 


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

No worries, but I'll be happy to hear Koodo customers receiving a Public Mobile SMS showing on their activation. 😊 😊

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for the update, Jade.  Hopefully, the fix can be completed soon.  It can be a bit disconcerting and possibly alarming to see a different company charging our credit card than the one we signed up for, as not everyone is familiar with the close relationship between Telus, Koodo, and Public Mobile, and even then it can make one wonder about the future of PM.

Mayor / Maire

@J_PM  - great to hear this is being worked on!


Here is hoping this will confuse less customers after this is actioned.

Mayor / Maire


Thank you for finally acknowledging this onerous "glitch" that more than one new customer has learned very much the hard way that KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV appearing on their payment card statement is not a fraudulent charge leading them to the mistaken belief that their payment card has been compromised online. 


Those customers practicing  strict financial security measures have reported this onerously labeled public mobile plan charge as fraudulent, cancelled their payment card and in conjunction with the card issuer proceeded to implement a chargeback on their pm activation plan charges mislabeled as a KOODO charge. What most do not realize is the swift action taken by pm suspend services  and temporarily deactivated accounts when a chargeback for the account is recieved and huge headache and runaround pm demands of the customer to restore their phone service and gain access to their self serve accounts again.


While the many of the customers affected with the worst of pm's chargeback policy were given some sympathetic leeway and compensation once pm took notice to pleas from regular community members outcrying pms unfair treatment of innocent pm customers the first couple of unfortunate victims of this pm "glitch" suffered more than their fair share of poor treatment by customer support and a shocking lack of any customer service and were treated more like criminals than customers who simply needed compassion and kindness in correcting their account issue.


It would be helpful if "KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV" was put in the subject line/title of this post so customers coming to the community for the first time either looking for info on this subject or not looking but these key words draw their attention to realize before it's too late that these are not fraudulent charges and can either contact their card issuer to cancel the chargeback or contact customer support to give pm a heads up on the imminent chargeback to make arrangements to pay for their services and avoid service disruption and loss of account access.





To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #.

Mayor / Maire

@J_PM  Glad that these issues are acknowledged. 


I fell bad for those who saw Koodo on the CC,  reverse the charge and got deactivated for non-payment.  Those  ported from Koodo would be the highest risk and some of them might think their old provider is still charging them.  Plus, we have to agree not everyone understand the relationship between PM and Koodo (I am surprise a CS Agent actually challenged the customer on this before)


 hope you can update us again when they are all fixed.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Better late than never fixing this issue! Some people may get confused about being charged with Koodo as they're not aware that Telus owns both Koodo and Public Mobile. This announcement makes me feel relieved that it was a bug all along and not the rumors that Telus may be merging the two flanker brands! 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@KK688   Even for people who are aware of the close business relationship between Telus, Koodo, and Public Mobile, it is still confusing especially that Koodo has some of exactly the same plans as Public Mobile.  Glad to see Public Mobile is getting its own voice! 


Now if only Public Mobile can remove the city name also when charging for payments, that would be even better.  Ideally, each payment charging company should just say "Public Mobile" and that's it.  Short and sweet! 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

this is great. My friend just switched from Koodo and seeing that made him worried for couple days.