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Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

@TheOldVR wrote:

@Rockdaddy22 wrote:
I'm ok with this I guess 😐



Unfortunately that's a weak support statement from an Oracle... which by my count totals two Oracles who are not overly excited over these changes.


All good, and I agree completely (just with a stronger negative position).... I just would have thought that the Oracles would have been in the know on something like this.


Guess I was wrong!



News to all of us @TheOldVR.  2 managed to voice their opinion earlier.  I love the idea of sim cards being more conveniently available at retail stores but it would be safe to say that no one is excited about the price increase.  However, we understand that Walmart wouldn't carry the sim cards for free knowing that there isn't any more money to be made besides just selling the sim card.    

PM is also following the rest of the carriers and charging more for the sim cards because everyone else does  ...

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

A step forward making Sims available in Walmart, followed by at least a step (maybe two) backwards by doubling the price.  This, in combination with the new plans, is certainly not going to have new customers rushing to Walmart to buy a Sim.  Let's see how long Walmart will stock these if sales don't happen.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

I guess I should be clear. I don't mind $10 sims at Walmart, but if it has anything at all to do with raising plan prices, then I'm totally against it, same goes for the marketing campaign. For online sim orders, I'd like to see them stay at $5 but it wouldn't include tracking, it would be shipped with a stamp.
Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch


@imm1304 appreciate the note. I wish PM would have had the Oracles up to speed as the recent announcements came out to help with messaging... even if everyone didn't agree with the changes. Oracles deserve a more considering the time you all contribute towards the success of PM.


@Rockdaddy22 - agreed regarding the SIM pricing. For me the conversation is not just about the SIM pricing, it's about the combination of all recent announcements including:


  1. Reduced access points for service
  2. New plan/pricing structures
  3. New distribution and pricing model for SIM cards

I know each of the above items can be debated for positive or negative effect, but the changes have had an immediate result for me. I had three referrals that were coming over next week for non-promo plans.... now, all three are no longer coming to PM. Also, I'll be moving my GF away from PM as she won't be able to deal with only being able to access support through a web forum.


@Jeremy_M - I'm going to stop talking about the whole #LessForMore thing now and go back to trying to help others where I can. Hope the feedback of the Oracles and Community (positive and negative) are well received.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!






Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

You must be kidding about your girlfriend, or being dramatic. The referrals I get, I lost a couple potential ones. How often do you really need to contact support on a self serve network? Couldn't you do it for her, or show her how to send a private message to a mod, doesn't make sense, sorry.
Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch


@Rockdaddy22 lol... it wasn't all for dramatic effect. Smiley Very Happy


I am actually serious about moving her away. Decision is easy... 


  1. She went through a bad, extended transition over to PM
  2. She doesn't want to exclusively rely on me for support all the time (Insert Destiny's Child, Independant Woman song here)
  3. She found a plan that doesn't cost too much more that offers what she wants including additional support channels

So all that in - it looks like I'm losing my referral credit Smiley Mad.


Either way, her leaving is just one client so not a big deal in the grand scheme of things....


Anyhow - Have a good day mate, looks like it's gonna be hot with some heavy rain here in Toronto today.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

Ok, I think if you showed her how to PM a mod once she could handle it. As a good boyfriend I truly feel you should try and talk her out of it. Like I said before, it's self serve, so once activated you should rarely need support. I hate all these changes as much as the next person, but if you're already here, I don't understand leaving. I must reiterate that it's self serve, she could even change her own number and many other thing, as you obviously know. I can't believe she only stayed because of Facebook and Twitter support. Maybe it's just my distain for Facebook lol I guess twitters cool, never used it.
Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

Reality is..  the support on here is horrendous...


PM needs a phone app which will handle Self-Serve Capabilities as well as Community forum access all in one.  Including a Support section to help newbies contact moderators easier and check FAQs quicker...

Also would have a dashboard when opened that shows you your current usage for data, addons and more...


Why this hasnt been done already shows a lack of consideration to the average customer.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

Obviously you haven't been here long. Customer service is usually handled within minutes to hours. Yes during super hot promos, it's been terrible.
Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Public Mobile Retail Launch

I've never had any trouble with customer service. Every time I had issues it was solved very quickly.

Thank you PM!