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[Pilot] Certified Pre-Owned Phones Now Available at Public

Customer Support Agent

Hey Community, 


Over the years, Public Mobile has committed to providing affordable wireless service for Canadians on the country's best network. We’ve primarily focused on providing wireless service, but now we are excited to announce that we are piloting Certified Pre-Owned phones! Each phone is backed by a 1-year limited warranty and includes a $0 Public Mobile SIM. This launch is a direct result of the feedback you all have shared with us over time around how we can make the Public Mobile experience better. Over the next few months we will be testing this out to see what customer response is like and how we can optimize our processes.


Starting today you’ll be able to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Phone online only. Our Certified Pre-Owned phones are refurbished phones that are tested, inspected, fixed, cleaned and re-packaged to look and function like-new. Because of this, we are able to offer our phones at a price you and your wallet will love. Please note, we do not offer financing on these phones.  


Inventory of these devices is limited, so if you’re interested make sure to act fast! We’ll constantly be adding new devices to the catalogue as they become available and removing those that are out of stock.


These phones are available for purchase only on our website so make sure to check it out! There are only a handful of Samsung Galaxy S10s as a launch special - be sure to act fast before they are gone.


For more information on Certified Pre-Owned phones, please visit our Help Articles


Are you going to be purchasing one of our Certified Pre-Owned phones? Let us know below!


-The Public Mobile Team

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Mayor / Maire

@Jb456 wrote:


Shame on PM for these crazy prices.



@Jb456 I think it's more shame on the people who pay those prices. If they are willing to pay it why shouldn't PM charge it?

Mayor / Maire

@kb_mv  ya you're right! Some people either don't care about their wallet or just in la la land. Some likely (not all) are probably the ones that sign up for telemarketing offers 😂.



Mayor / Maire

Enjoy those certified pixel's 😂