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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

Definitely a welcome change to the plans.  Well done PM, and thanks for listening to us in the masses about our concerns.  Great Job.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

Well that didn't take very long lol


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@wetcoaster wrote:

@danielj wrote:

Thanks for listening to us and bringing back some of the more affordable options. Keep the discounts and plan options coming. I am disappointed that Public Mobile did not bring back the 1GB option for the 90-day plans and the national (vs global) text plans for either 30-day or 90-day plans.



Well, there is a 90 for 90 plan now, see the discussion here:

IMHO, the options are well rounded out now, no need for more. And the times of offering messaging with limitations are (or should be) long gone.

@wetcoaster  If you read the discussion at the link, they also mention or at least imply that there use to be another $90 for 90-day that include 4G/LTE connection and that is what I am pulling for. That they bring back a $90 90-day plan that includes 4G/LTE.  I get that more option might not be as efficient or effective so if that if for 1GB or 1.5GB and Public Mobile is the one that started the 3G vs 4G options. The latest update on the plan's options has made them more well-rounded and closer to the affordability they once were, but not necessarily as affordable as they might have once been.


Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@danielj  everything can not be as it once was.  from what i have read from oracles the "3g"  speed is actully not bad for basic web stuff even youtube.   so the new 90 day $90 plan is actually a little better than the old one as you get the global texting  and a little more data.  you will likley not be using data to watch youtube or anything data intensive with only 1gb so 3g should be more than enough bor basic things.


Another option you could do is get a talk and text plan for $73 after autopay and buy the 30$ data addon (which will be at LTE) the cost would be 103$/90 days but if you really dont use data that much the data could actally roll over into your next period as it doen't expire untll used up. If you make the data last 4 months (250mb.month vs 333b) you are basically almost at $30/30 days...  My mom and and another friend do data this way.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

I notice that 90 days with Province wide calling, global text, and 1.5 g of data = $90. I currently pay $90 for the same except for the data (1 g vs 1.5 g). This is a old account. Will the data allocation bbe topped up or do I have the change plans? As soon as I change plans my grandfathered rate will be forfeited. The 1 gig is all I need so I do not want to endanger my current plan rate by changing the plan. Any thoughts?

@Jeremy_M wrote:

Hey Community,


We have some news we think you will love! We listened to your feedback and have made some changes to our plans.


Some highlights include:

  • Making 30-day plans even better
  • Introducing new data buckets for low data users
  • Pricing changes on talk + text and 4G LTE plans

 Curious? Check out and try out the plans calculator.


-Public Mobile Community Team


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

Hi Bill2,

I had the same question as you 3 months ago, and after going through my first seamless plan change (after having auto-pay turned on) I can verify that you will be auto-renewed at the plan that you are already on.


For example, the plan I signed up for is called Fall 2016 Promo/Offre de l’automne 2016 quoted at a price of $120 for a 90-day plan with [12GB Data/Données 12 Go], [Unlimited International Text/Messagerie texte à l'International], [Unlimited Provincial Talk/Appels Illimités dans la Province].


I signed up for this in June this year (the plan was re-opened for Freedom customers only, so I made that switch). This week, auto-pay and plan auto-renewal happened without any interaction by me with no loss in cell service (even though the website said stuff like plan Expired and plan ended, I never actually lost cell service, the website lies temporarily when processing the renewal and payment).


So TL;DR you will get the same plan and same price at the end of 90-days, unless if you yourself do anything extraordinary like future-date a plan change.


Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@neoceltic be aware that the differece is that the new 90 day plan is the 3g speed plan npt the full lte plan.  


The 3g speed should be enough based on oricle feedback for basic data needs.


Also not sure if your current plan (you stated old account) is  rewards eligable, if not by switching  o the new plan you will be eligable for loyalty rewards and the other rewards.


Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@neoceltic I have been on your plan since it was first available, and have just switched to the new one (well on my next renewal). My rationale:

- global texting

- more data


Now as to 3G vs LTE, I have tested the new 3G and it IS slower. However, for my uses while traveling (gasbuddy, Google maps with navigation, web searches) it was perfectly satifactory. So, for me, it's more service at the same price.

Here are two posts with more info: and

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

This is pricing is more inline.



Mayor / Maire

Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

Do we know the expiration date . I am thinking about getting my father one of those low data plans but last time I sent him something it took 7 business days to reach him, so I don't want him to receive the sim card once the promo is over , and I don't want to activate a sim now and lose a full week of service he is not using. (One of those remote areas where either Videotron or Rogers won't reach there , only Bell)