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Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@helkris wrote:

10$ for 50/50 plan - Do rewards work for this plan?

@helkris yes, this plan is eligible for rewards like all the other in-market plans.

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Re: New Public Mobile Pricing

@helkris wrote:

Greetings! Have a question about $10 for 30 days plan (

50 talk minutes - are they shared between incoming and outgoing calls?

Or is it more like: 50 minutes for outgoing and unlimited incoming?

@Carld123 wrote:


50 total minutes...

Also note that this includes time you use to access your voicemail. You can avoid using minutes by calling your VM via another cell or landline phone. Simply call your own number, then when you hear your outgoing message, press * and follow the prompts.


One will need to use minutes to set up your voicemail, which can use up a lot of minutes the first time. To minimize the amount of minutes used, access the VM via a landline and set up as much as you can the first time. The first step will be to set a new VM password. BUT if you do not finish all the set-up the first call and hang up, you will NOT be able to access your VM from a landline UNTIL you call from your cell # at least once, forcing you to use minutes. THERE IS A WAY AROUND THIS!  


Log into your online PM profile and RESET your VM password to the default. THEN you will be able to access your VM again using a landline and the default PW and continue setting up your VM so you do not use up your precious few minutes. 


Eventually, you will need to call into your VM from your cell to link up your SIM with the VM. After that, your VM will always be accessible via a landline.


Hope this makes sense.


This is a known limitation and I have raised a ticket to get this fixed so the VM is always accessbile via a cell WITHOUT using minutes, at least until it is set up the first time. 






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Re: New Public Mobile Pricing