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NEW $70 for 15GB Plan

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community,


Starting June 17, 2021, we are introducing a new $70 15GB plan!


What does this mean for you? 

For a limited time, existing customers can change their rate plan to the following:


  • $70 per 30 days
  • 15GB + 500MB BONUS data at 3G speed (per 30 days)
  • 500MB BONUS data when you sign up for AutoPay (per 30 days)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and U.S minutes
  • Unlimited International Text


Important things to know: 

  • Bonus data will expire if account becomes inactive or the rate plan is changed.
  • Previous promotions that have been applied to the account that have been indicated as ‘non-stackable’ will be removed when you switch to this plan. To see if a promotion you currently have applied to your account is ‘non-stackable’ please check the terms of that specific promotion.


How to get this offer: 

  1. Log in on Self Serve
  2. Go to “Plan and Add-ons”
  3. Select “Change Plan”
  4. Select the ready-made plan “$70 for 15GB + 500MB AutoPay Bonus”. You will have the option of changing your plan immediately or upon the next renewal date.


To learn more about Public Mobile plans, click here.


- The Public Mobile Team

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A much higher data plan has been a wishlist request for a certain percentage of pm customers. I think it should be priced at $60/15.5gb it be more in line with the 5gb for $10 more when switching from the $40 plan to the $50 plan. Maybe pm will rethink its's pricing for this plan after testing the waters for interest. Or possibly they have researched their demographic of subscribers likely to switch and have discovered they are mostly reward earners in the $15+ range?


As far as @Luddite 's list of bugs and quirks there is really only a couple of glitches on that list. Whereas two years ago when I joined there were 6 more that have now been "fixed" and are either not on the list or exist in their "quirky" state. It's more of an FYI list now....with only a couple of things that still need fixing. Lol....I had to search thru my screenshots to find the original list that our fine senior oracle member kindly provided to me to have a leg up when helping others before I was able to file away all the bits and pieces of pm info in my onboard computer.


While pm is still searching for the cause, the fix or the cash to fix things like autopay failures (which happen at every provider) a lot of things here don't need to be fixed but customers simply need to learn how to manage their accounts. Its about education and yes as you like to point out better messaging and marketing of the meaning of online support and account self management. Customers need to know they are shopping at Home Depot not Crate and Barrel.

@LurganIeUk wrote:
  • Bonus data will expire if account becomes inactive or the rate plan is changed.


Does inactive mean if account is suspended?

AutoPay would have to fail for the plan to become inactive. And of course no AutoPay means no bonus data from AutoPay.

it's fine...

Koodo is offering $80/15gb

it aligns with all the other plans with a $10 price gap. 

@gpixel4 wrote:

it's fine...

Koodo is offering $80/15gb

it aligns with all the other plans with a $10 price gap. 

This Public Mobile is flat-out terrible, but that's only an opinion.  Koodo was previously offering 17GB for $70.  Koodo's plans getting worse doesn't make this Public plan better.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I totally agree. 


@gpixel4 j you are the lucky one that still on LTE plan?


Really this should be closer to $60 for 15 GB following the progression of the other plans. But just the fact that PM has finally offered a plan with more than 8 GB is a start and the recent 2 GB bonus being offered to new customers fairly regularly now gives me hope that competition is moving things in that direction. This plan could be reduced in price or more plans may see some data added to them similar to the fairly recent bump to the $50 plan. Nothing happens instantly (until a competitor offers it) but in my mind things are creeping in the right direction.



.. they won't do anything with this plan (and maybe other as well...) the introduction of this plan as well as the price is in response to the move from both Lucky and Chatr.  PM always reacts..not leads


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Came here expecting to read the news, instead ended up reading the comics.


$70 bucks at 3g....  really? on what planet?