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Mayor / Maire

Re: [Issue NOT Resolved for me! ] I have NOT been able to text for more than 12 days

@mamu wrote:

I’ve got the same issue. Calls no longer drop after a few minutes as happened repeatedly in April-Mat but long calls still drop, typically at the 45-minute mark. I now warn people in advance that the call will drop if we talk for too long.

(I’ve used same phone with Virgin for 4 years and never dropped a call until I switched to PM this spring.) 

@mamu I've noticed the same thing lately on long calls. I don't normally have a problem with this happening occasionally but very irritating when you've been on hold for a long time and it happens before your call is answered.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: [Issue Resolved] Dropped calls issue

OK, but we have both (2 phones) been experiencing Call drops very hour or at best 1hr 20mins over the past year. It is  very annoying but not lethal since they are calls to family. We have not seen any improvement, in BC 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: [Issue Resolved] Dropped calls issue

@darlicious wrote:

 I have had 2-3 dropped calls a day in the last 2 weeks or so...both short and long ones. This has been extremely inconvenient in regards to me dealing with a stolen purse/identity/fraud debacle to have dropped calls waiting or during conversations dealing with fraudulent activity and security issues with my bank, credit card issuers, the Canadian fraud centre and both credit reporting agencies. An occasional dropped call is a nuisance. Consistent dropped calls especially during a stressful life event is bordering on unacceptability.

Ugh, that's unfortunate. If you still have important calls to make maybe try using Google Hangouts or something? Hopefully PM can fix the issue soon.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: [Issue Resolved] Dropped calls issue

PM does not care about our is a cheap mobile service...try Freedom Mobile?

Mayor / Maire

Re: [Issue Resolved] Dropped calls issue

@DanielleMarie  Yes a major pain in the a$$ pocketbook. I think all the most important calls have been made just have to field all the credit card companies calling to confirm that I have not applied for their card. Three so far this week!

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