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Introducing the new and improved Public Lab

Hi everyone!  As promised, we are relaunching the Public Lab as the place to give us your feedback and your great ideas to make Public Mobile a better place.  We know we haven’t done a great job with this in the past but we are now fully committed to giving your contributions the attention they deserve and we’ll be regularly looking for feedback on new and existing ideas for Public Mobile.


Here’s how it works:


  1. You submit the idea (or feedback) as a post in the Public Lab. Make sure you ask the Community what they think so you can get Bravos

  2. Ideas that are experiencing traction in the Community are shared with the Public Mobile marketing team and will be assessed based on both Community input and whether or not it is a good strategic fit for us.

All ideas are assigned a status (see below).  You will be notified of the status so you can keep track of your idea.  Be patient – this could take a few weeks but we promise to get back to you.


Status Definitions:


New Idea

This is a brand new idea. Tell us what you think of it. If you like it, give it a Bravo! Note – all new ideas will automatically receive a “new idea” status.


We think this is a good idea but would like to hear more about it. Ask the Community for Bravos and feedback!

Under Consideration

This idea has been brought up internally with the Public Mobile team.

Not for Us

Sorry, we don’t see a strategic fit for this idea.

Not at this Time

We like this idea but it’s not on our timeline for the next few months or more.

Idea Accepted

This idea has been accepted by the team and is now in the works. 

Idea Completed

This idea has been implemented!

Already Exists

This is a great idea and has already been implemented!


So put your thinking caps on and submit an idea! Get the support of the Community through Bravos and feedback. Plus every idea posted to the lab by a Community member will receive a Public Lab badge.


Got an idea?  Visit the Public Lab now.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Introducing the new and improved Public Lab

@Igor_M bumping an old thread as I am curious to rationale behind what PUBLIC decides to pursue


There are a number of post regarding mobile apps that have gained some serious traction in Lab and are now under consideration


I personally gave a big push to an idea lately regarding how long distance works


But what surprised me was an idea that had 0 bravos (and 2 detractors in comments section) showed up as being under consideration? Cat Surprised


Any feedback is appreciated


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