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Introducing Public Points Rewards

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 


We are happy to announce the launch of Public Points! 


Starting on January 25, 2022, Public Mobile customers who activate, will automatically be part of Public Points. This means that customers who activated prior to January 25, 2022 will remain on old Public Rewards without any change to the way or amount earned. Don’t worry, these customers can still join Public Points. 


What is Public Points? 

Public Points is our newly improved rewards program. Sure, we loved Public Rewards, but in our endless pursuit of making things better for our customers, we’ve given it a makeover and made it more flexible than before. 


With Public Points you can:

  • Earn points. Public Points are so easy to earn, you’ll be rich in no time.
  • Redeem points. We make redeeming points simple. 1 point earned = 1 dollar when redeemed.  
  • Start saving. Redeem points on things that matter to you - like money off your bill, free add-ons, or the chance to win awesome prizes. 
  • Join whenever you want. Learn more here


Ways to earn Public Points:

With Public Points, earning points is so easy, you  can do it just by saying, "I'm in." And that's actually one of the ways you can earn points – by joining Public Points. There are a lot of other ways you can earn too:



Points Earned

How do I earn it?

When do I receive it?


Welcome Present

5 points

As a little welcome present for joining Public Points, we’ll give you 5 points.

Your Welcome Present will be added after we’ve set up your profile, you’ve signed into My Rewards, and you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Perks

1 point for every month with Public

As if welcome points didn't sound nice enough, you'll also earn 1 point for every month you've been with Public Mobile

Automatically added after you’ve joined Public Points, and we’ve set up your profile on My Rewards.


Points Back

5% back for every dollar spent

Earn points just by paying your bill. For every dollar you spend (on your plan and on add-ons), you’ll make 5% of it back in points. Spend away!

Within 48 hours of your spend

Anniversary Points

10 points

For every twelve months you stay with us, you’ll earn 10 points. Think of it like an anniversary present!

Note: time spent in suspend status is still counted towards your Anniversary.

On your Anniversary date

Give Back

1-20 points

Earn up to 20 points every 30 days by asking questions, helping others and voicing your opinion on the Public Mobile Community.

Community standings are released the first week of the following month, and Give Back points are added within 48 hours. 


1 point every 30 days / active friend you referred

Refer a friend to Public Mobile, and you’ll receive one point for every 30 days your friend stays with us. 

Your friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit when they use your referral code.

Note: your referral code can be found on your My Rewards homepage. 

Every 30 days from your renewal date


Ways to redeem Public Points:

Unlike some other rewards programs, there isn’t a specific way or time limit to cash-in yourpoints. When and how you redeem your points is entirely up to you! Just keep in mind that 1 point earned is valued at 1 dollar when redeemed. Really, that’s it!


Rewards include: 


Catalogue Item

Points Cost


When do I receive it?

Lower Your Bill

15 points

By spending 15 easily-earned points, customers can save $15 in hard-earned cash off of the price of their phone bill.

This will be applied to your next renewal

Add Some Extras


We’ve got plenty of add-ons for varying amounts of points. Roaming? Add-on a little. Long distance minutes? Add-on some more. Extra data? Add-on a whole lot! It’s entirely up to you..


Add-ons will be added immediately. 

In rare cases, it may take a few hours to appear in your account. 

If you haven’t received your add-on, please contact us for support. 


1 point

Enter our contests for a chance to win some exciting prizes. Contest details vary, but we'll send you an email with all the details whenever we launch new ones.

Contest winners will be contacted soon after contests close. 

Rewards Calculator 

Wonder how many  Public Points you could be raking in? Check outour rewards calculator. This tool will compare your old Public Rewards against Public Points. Simply input your information, and watch your points pile up! 

Note: this tool is only for estimation purposes. There may be inaccuracies between the estimated amount and your actual Public Points earning amount  



How to access Rewards:

My Rewards is your new home for all things rewards - all your points are kept in one neat, little place. Simply sign in with your My Account information to start earning and spending points. 

Do you have more questions about Public Points? Check out these FAQs here 


Thank you Community for your support! Remember we have our Oracle and Public Mobile teams to assist with any questions you have. Happy earning! 


- Public Mobile Team

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@Luddite   So the toggle option under Go To on the overview page can only be used for the new points rewards?  Or do we still get to see all our rewards if we stay with the current rewards?

HI @sa7375 , reward screen is now moved to the new site.   

You access the same site for reward details whether you are on the old system or the new system.


Yes, Telus owns PM, so, technically, everything is hosted by Telus  🙂

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


Your $35 plan gives u 1.75 points per month, 0.25/mth less than the old $2 autopay.  Assuming that u've just joined Public during x'mas, 1st year u'll gain 10 points on anniversary vs. old system $0 ($1/mth AFTER 1 year). 2nd year u'll get 10 points/yr vs. $12/year, however 3rd year u'll get 10 points/yr vs. $24, etc.

@dabr "Or do we still get to see all our rewards if we stay with the current rewards?"


Sorry, no idea. 

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


Since u are "NOT desiring to join the New Rewards Program", do nothing.  Continue sign in to My Account the old way, everything should remain the same.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Thanks for doing the math, I actually joined last August.(2021)

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for the rewards calculator. Really helpful to see which reward system is better.

I'm certain that part of the issue previously was Public Mobile giving out $7 in rewards for customers on a $10 or $15 plan who do nothing other than pay the bill and stay customers.   I'm unaware of how much Public Mobile needs to collect from each customer on average to turn a profit, but I see part of the issue here being that Public Mobile is making the program worse for some new customers. This will make it harder for existing customers to refer new customers.  I was speaking to someone last night about this was going to activate a new account but is now very unlikely to do so because of these reward to point changes.  So, while existing customers aren't being forced to switch, they are still being affected. My opinion about the contests is along the lines of customers who choose to particpate in those are waisting their points.

@computergeek541 wrote:

 but I see part of the issue here being that Public Mobile is making the program worse for some new customers. 

To be honest , all Tier 3 providers pretty much have the same price.   PM has been doing well for the $2 Autopay discount, it becomes $2 cheaper for all plans compare with Lucky and Chatr.     Don't tell new customers about Community reward or friends referral, most of them don't care as they won't be working "part time" for PM as support (Community) or sales (referral)


Yes, there is still the 5%, but it doesn't sound as attractive as the $2 , especially for those who want to activate a $15 or $25 plan


So, PM is now as good (or as bad) as Chatr and Lucky after this change.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I don't see public mobile lasting much longer with this direction unless the end goal is to drive up the ARPU so that they can match feature parity with the other flanker brands, like unlimited data finally, otherwise, there is no advantage to staying here really for any new customers, and most will flock to lucky and the other flanker brands for the features they want and need.