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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: How do you search for help? Let us know!

Maybe I am alone, but as a long term older customer, in Canada I really miss the great customer service that mall booths offered. I find help now is all self serve, and the problem posts are not answering my problem. Why doesn't a live person answer 611, or 1-855-478-2542? Waited a week for someone to contact me, but still my phone doesn't work. Because of a scammer, TD bank told me to cancel my Visa. I did, and immediately my phone was cancelled without warning. I removed my old Visa number, and entered my debit visa. Accepted it, but still my phone doesn't work. Payment site, wouldn't let me put in amount. A simple moderator email or call to me would fix things. After 10 years, I need to cancel and find a provider that understands service. How do I find my account number to cancel? What a nightmare of customer service!!!   

Mayor / Maire

Re: How do you search for help? Let us know!

 @Brenda62 : Did you successfully submit a support ticket? Then no reply? Do you have a little number over the little envelope in the upper right? If so that indicates a reply. It's probably expired by now so you'll need to submit another one.


What balance is showing in your Available Funds? What plan are you on? Can you manually pay into your account an amount to get your Available Funds more than your plan cost. Don't choose Amount Due.

Mayor / Maire

Re: How do you search for help? Let us know!

@Brenda62  you are trying to look for the Account number?


if so, Logon as Self-Serve and it's on the Top Right




I understand you are thinking to leave due to payment issue.  Maybe we can try to help?


You already put in a new Visa Debit and unable to pay still? when you try to pay, what options you were given?  Were you given the choice to pay amount due as well as manual amount?

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