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FLASH SALE: 2GB of monthly bonus data for free* | Sept 3 - 7

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 


Starting September 3 to September 7 at 11:59PM EST, new customers can get 2GB of monthly bonus data for free when they activate on plans $35 or higher with promo code 2GBBONUS


This offer is available to new customers who activate online only. Rules and conditions apply.


How to Get this Offer: 

  1. Submit your email address here
  2. Receive the promo code via email 
  3. Activate on any plan $35 or higher online by September 7 using the promo code to redeem this offer.

Offer Details:

  • Activate on any plan $35 or more using the promo code by September 7 and get a free 2GB recurring data bonus 
  • Offer available to new customers who activate online.
  • 2GB recurring data bonus will be applied to activations on $35, $40, $50 and $70 rate plans with using the promo code. Offer excludes $15 and $25 rate plans. Bonus data will expire if the account becomes inactive or the rate plan is changed. 
  • Please note it may take up to 2 business days for bonus data to be applied. 
  • This promotion is not stackable with other in-market offers.

This offer is subject to change without notice.


How to Activate:

  1. If you need to purchase a SIM card, click here to order a SIM card online through Public Mobile. Your SIM card will be shipped within 3 to 7 business days. You can also order your SIM card through Amazon, and choose your shipping speed. Alternatively, you can purchase a SIM card by locating a retailer near you. 
  2. Visit to activate online.


To learn more about Public Mobile, click here.


- The Public Mobile Community Team

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@softech wrote:

@bristal wrote:

Hi there.


Just wondering if I can still register this deal for my friend, he wants to switch to PM. 



@bristal   Yes, it should be.  PM has been extending this promo week after week.  But do it fast, it can of course end it any time. 



@bristal , yes, the promotion is exteneded


Flash Sale: 2GB of monthly bonus data for free* | ... - Community (



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


But your Google Pixel 3a xl still has a lot of life in it yet.

How do you know I have a Pixel 3a XL?  What colour is my underwear?


Wait out a couple years and get a Pixel 6 discounted. The 5 isn't much of an improvement over your current one to justify the expense.


Well my screen is well cracked (despite a case) although I now just see right through it.

As for the 5, I've heard that it's not worth the upgrade.

The 5a however?? But alas not Canada bound.


But the pull of a new toy is strong with this one (me).


I didn't fiddle much with my settings in my profile except to turn off all email notifications. That way when I'm online I'm on and when I'm not I am left undisturbed. I know enough to check in for CSA replies....however you can change your settings to be notified of private messages or threads you started etc....


I myself just check my notification feed. If I have replied then anything to do with that thread will pop up in my notifications. A little harder to follow is a thread you are interested in but have nothing to say yet....although someone else could probably tell you what to do. @Jb456 was good for having the curiosity of a cat and finding all of the working (or not) functions of the website.