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Expired: Talk and Text Promo Plan

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 Update: We will be ending this promo on July 12th 11:59 pm EDT. Please note, if you order your SIM card now, you may not get it in time to get this promotion


Hey Community,


We have some exciting news! For a limited time, Public Mobile is offering the following promotional plan:


Unlimited province-wide talk and global text on a 90-day plan for $81 ($27/month) on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network.


Looking to sweeten the deal? Add Auto-Pay to your account upon activation or renewal and you’ll save an extra $2/30 days.  This means you could get unlimited province-wide talk and unlimited global text for $25/30 days or $75 for 90 days! And don’t forget about all the other Rewards you can earn.


Check out the full details below to see how you, your friends, and your family can take advantage of this awesome plan.


Things to know

  • This promotional offer is only for a limited period of time
  • Once an end date is communicated, it will be the last day to activate on the promo plan.  The promotional price will not be honoured after the communicated end date for any SIM cards that have not been activated on the promotional plan by the deadline. This includes SIM cards that have been purchased online, and have not yet arrived or been activated.


Getting the plan

Pick & Pay Customers


If you are an existing Pick & Pay customer you can sign up for the promotional plan in self-serve. Just paid for your next 30/90 days? Don’t worry, you can future date a rate plan at any time during the promotion. This means after your current service period is up, you will automatically be switched to the promo plan.  


Legacy Customers


If you are a legacy customer who is interested in the promotional plan, you will need to call into the call centre in order to change your plan to the promotional plan. Please note that once you switch to a Pick & Pay plan, you will be unable to switch back to your old plan and you will lose access to the call centre.


New Customers

As a new customer, you can sign up for the promo plan during the activation process. You will need to have your SIM card in hand in order to activate, so please be sure to order it first! Remember, this promotion is for a limited time only so, if you want to take advantage of it, be sure to activate as soon as possible!


For more information about our plans see our Terms of Service.


Public Mobile Community team

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Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

Awesome. Now this is the cheapest talk and text plan available in the market. 


When they launched 12GB promo, we all thought that PM are targeting high data users but thats not true as they have launched this for those who only want talk and text. 


Thanks Public Mobile. 

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Mayor / Maire

Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

@Jeremy_M nice plan Cat Very Happy but what are the start dates? I do not see it listed yet...



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

Nice plan. Any data plan promo?

Mayor / Maire

Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

This deal isn't for me, but I'm sure I've got a few friends that may be interested.


To the deal-publice-mobile!


Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

newfoundland wrote:

Nice plan. Any data plan promo?

No; data just as currently offered.

Mayor / Maire

Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

BTW all those people interested in minimal data (remember the $90 plans) could easily use this new promo with a data add on


I know some people the 1GB can last a year



Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

@Jeremy_M If a Legacy customer transfers to this plan, is their Loyalty Reward calculated from the date of joining Public Mobile?


Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

Yes,yes... yesss! Smiley Happy @Luddite


Say for example a customer is with Public Mobile for 3 years now, they would get the autopay reward $6 + 9$ in loyalty rewards as it's 1$ per month/year. 


They would pay $66 per 90 days Smiley Very Happy awesome eh? 



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Mayor / Maire

Re: NEW: Talk and Text Promo Plan

That sound like a great plan. Hopefully we see more of these promos showing up. I am assuming there wont be so much congestion as the last promo, so this will be interesting