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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Developer’s Blog: Learnings from customer testing sessions

You could likely devise a way to filter repeated questions of the same nature from the same user. Perhaps giving them a prompt before the post to confirm that they really do want to post the same question again. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Developer’s Blog: Learnings from customer testing sessions

It seems the most important issue that needs resolving at the moment is wait time and prioritization of customer issues to be handled by a moderator. Surely this cannot be this difficult to operate it similar to a triage or the Service Canada set up. First statistically review the percentage of issues in past: activations 50%, payments, plans&add ones 25%, self serve, phones& hardware15% and rewards, retail/promo&other 10% as an example. Appropriately staff each of these departments based on the urgency, importance and numbers in the queue. Obviously someone having issues with completing their activation or porting their number should have precedence over someone missing a refer a friend reward. Like Service Canada  Simon or the department on your ticket would put your ticket in the appropriate queue. The reference number of your ticket should give the user the ability to go into a query box and allow you to add more information, withdraw your ticket or mark it as resolved, check what number is being served, what number is up next and the average wait time in your department. That's how it works the old fashioned way with government brick and mortar service models. Moderators could pulled from a slow department to a busier one depending on demand in the system. A gentle reminder to customers that "staying on the line is faster than redialing" would help in keeping multiple tickets dealing with the same issue from one customer to a minimum. I think for the most part even though it seems annoying when the person behind you gets served first....because they ordered a salad and you ordered a well done steak....most people understand the guy having a stroke is more important than your finger sprain. But my lack of technology savvy always amazes me when something i think should be easy for computer to accomplish hasnt been achieved yet. Im still waiting to be able to talk to computer and tell it what to do. One of the reasons i still have a flip phone..i want my brain to be smarter than my phone. Keep working hard pm you may some day "in the near future" surpass the collective brain of the community.

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