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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Changes to our Support structure

@Korth wrote:

One step further ...


If a mod is immediately available then "the button" should simply connect the customer and the mod immediately.


If a mod is not immediately available, then a private msg or email (or even phone text msg) should be sent which gives the customer a queue number and an estimated wait time.  Perhaps another "heads up" msg when you're next in queue or estimate wait time is <10 minutes.

Now this is another post that deserves BRAVOS....


If this is not implemented then PM should bring back chat support... Although I do not mind the forum for non-urgent matters, the fact is that the response times are WAY TOO LONG and when a response is obtained, it is often with questions from the mods, which means you have to WAIT AGAIN A LONG TIME for a reply and if you do not see their reply, you lose that time too. Makes matters that needs faster turn-around VERY PAINFUL as can drag things out over DAYS when it should only take minutes to resolve. 


Please bring in CHAT support...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Changes to our Support structure

It seems like every other time I see someone complaining about an issue on these forums, I see some community member making excuses about how the Moderators are "swamped" right now, and we should all just be patient with the poor overworked Mods. That may be the case, but if the Mods are in a permanemt state of overwork, that means that Public Mobile needs to hire more Mods and stop making customers que for hours or sometimes even days to get problems solved. It's all well and good to crowd source some issues, but there are some things that have to be dealt with by real human local staff.