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Certified Pre-Owned Community Picks: Closed

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Community Picks! 

We've closed the voting polls and will return on Friday, August 20, to share the winning phone you want added to our Certified Pre-Owned Catalogue.


Stay tuned! 





Hey Community, 


Remember to vote for your favourite phone here, final chance before poll close tomorrow! 







Hey Community, 


I am very excited to introduce you to our new Community Picks program for CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Phones! Since we started offering CPO phones, there’s been a growing number of customers asking for more options to choose from. This has sparked our interest to find out which CPO phones you would like to see added to our catalogue for a limited time, at a special discounted price! 


Our Certified Pre-Owned phones are refurbished phones that are tested, inspected, cleaned and re-packaged to look and function like new. Because of this, we are able to offer them at a price you and your wallet will love.


Vote for your Community Picks choice:

We want to hear from you! We have chosen 3 great phones, but we need your input on which one will be the newest addition to our CPO catalogue


How to Vote:

Visit this link and select your favourite CPO phone. Voting will close on August 18. 


CPO PhonePicks

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Huawei P40
  • Apple iPhone XS

Once voting has closed, the phone with the most votes will be crowned the Community Picks winner, and will be included in our CPO Catalogue with a discount for a limited time only. We’ll announce the winning device and offer details in a follow-up post. Stay tuned!😀


Thank you!


- Public Mobile Team


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Yeah, after reading my post and noticing the topic; it's like....what???

To be clear @z10user4 , my Kirkland hearing aids are not Apple specific. Yes, Apple has been working with hearing aid makers for awhile, but mainly I think to ensure folks like us with hearing issues can have some relief. For Apple, it goes to their intense focus on all things related to health. What really rips me is why the sound technology that's built into today's devices hasn't migrated to hearing aids. So, yes you can stream sound but the quality is definitely lacking. 


Yes but where will they put it? Is it lounge worthy? Or PM worthy? That is the question.

yes.. maybe we can vote based on the camera quality?  anyone can post some pictures from any of those models so we can judge based on that?    🙂



Well the camera is the deal breaker for me unless I was shown otherwise it would be Samsung all day.


My last pair of HA for 5 years is by Phonak which does not has built-in Bluetooth support inside my Phonak.  I need to wear a Phonak Bluetooth device.  This device is acting as the middle man between my phone using Bluetooth and my HA using its own wireless protocol to send/receive audio.


But since last year, every manufacturers are adding Bluetooth 5 (a.k.a Bluetooth low energy) chip to their hearing aids.  Therefore, I can connect my phone directly to my new HA without wearing another intermediate device. 


My problem is hearing in noisy environment.  I can hear well on phone conversion with my new improved HA using my UMIDIGI A5 Pro without the direct audio streaming.  I still have problem hearing people who speak softly with my new HA.  


Yes, my new HA is still on the Costco 90 days trial period.  But I am not testing the Kirland Signature HA at the moment.  We don't like locked phone sold by mobile provider.  Do you know that the HAs sold by Costco are locked to Costco and cannot be re-programmed by other HA provider. 


Rumor has it that if someone tests too many pairs of  HA at Costco, the audiologist will cut the patient off because Costco audiologist appointment is at least 1 month.  They don't worry about getting HA business.  I hate audiologist telling me nothing they can do with my hearing loss with the current HA technology.  I will try as many HA until it solves my hearing in noisy condition and soft speech.  I am still deciding whether to keep the new HA which solves my hearing in noisy condition and not soft speech.


Mayor / Maire


Here you go....good light 12mp, good light 12 mp (texture) and poor light 12 mp.


 @popping : Ok even _I_ think this has become chaos....up here. 🙂

The Phonaks started standard bluetooth now a couple years ago which eliminates the need for a secondary device.


From what I understand, Phonak is still the only one making them with standard bluetooth.


For much longer, most of the others had Made For iPhone which is not standard bluetooth.


I don't think you'll find nirvana. All we can ask is that we're not always saying pardon me or repeat that or what was that or simply withdrawing from it all. Noisy situations are even difficult for normal hearing let alone compromised hearing.
Soft speakers are also difficult but not so much for normal hearing. I have both challenges. And then throw in tinnitus and a dash of hyperacussis.


What do you mean "mobile provider"? Some non-Kirkland ones are locked. The Signature's are not. The problem might come with another provider agreeing to touch a product they don't/didn't sell. But you can also do this yourself. You can buy the programming box and the software is free.


As for return frequency...I don't know if that's an urban myth. But I'd be looking at the KS10's from Phonak and keep using your Umidigi and not spend more money for ASHA.


At the end of the's a struggle. Very frustrating.

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Apple iPhone XS

Mayor / Maire

Samsung Galaxy S10 is my choice too but if the price isn't good, it won't matter.

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Just voted!

Based on members who joined PM is because of the low price rate.

I am a big fan of Apple and Samsung phones so I went with the Samsung S10.
I agree with @darlicious that Google phones would be a great addition to the pre-owned phones for the price points in the next round of pre-owned phone vote.